can’t escape orange

as i mentioned here, i was having second thoughts about the Speedstars-I think they actually felt a little too flat and I needed something with a little more stability (ain’t that the truth.)

So back to JackRabbit I went, and this time tried on the Asics DS-Trainer XI, which I think may actually do the trick this time. asics ds-trainer xi

But man oh man…I can’t seem to escape orange shoes these days, can I? 🙂 though the floor model was a white/purple color, the DS-Trainers had just gotten a color update this week…but honestly, I think this color combo looks “faster,” more like a racing shoe, than the white/purple one did.

I will be trying these out on Tuesday at speedwork and will give a report then, of course…

now playing: “ready for the good times” ~ shakira


2 thoughts on “can’t escape orange

  1. I see the eternal quest for the perfect running shoe is still going on and on and on …I know a few people who use the DS-Trainer for racing only and train in heavier shoes, because they are so lightweight.

  2. not as much-for everyday, i think i’ll be sticking with the Cumulus for awhile. but just looking for a shoe to use exclusively for speedwork/short races (just like what you said.) Guess it’s a little trickier, since even though my regular trainers are neutral (with orthotics,) that combo just doesn’t work as well when it comes to performance shoes-like I think I did feel a little wobbly in the Speedstars (and thats even with the orthotics in there.) I liked these DS-Trainers the minute I put them on. Hope they live up to the hype 🙂

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