run, interrupted

there have been times when i’ve run in hardcore conditions-be it single digit temps, or a coupla miles in a drenching downpour back in the September of ’04-but I draw the line at lightning.

so last nite, i met up at Engineers Gate (our group run meeting point)…apparently the threat of rain made for a very light turnout. But 2 guys (one being the run leader) and myself were determined to get something in before the storm hit. We decided to try for the full 6. It was sooo humid and muggy that at that point I was actually hoping for rain to kind of cool things down a bit. By the time we hit the west 90s, the sky had gotten so dark…can’t remember the last time it had gotten so dark by 7:30ish!

By the time we neared the southwest corner of the park…not only was it thundering & lightning, but the rain really started to come down. Since we were near the Columbus Circle subway station, I made the impulse decision to bail-the other 2 continued on. By the time the subway came and it made it 2 stops uptown, the rain had worsened, and I just hoped my 2 teammates were OK. (found out later that they were-they waited out the worse part of the storm indoors.)

And now once again, rain looks to be forcing our happy hour plans indoors too…nothing wrong with that, the party, as always, goes on, but let’s just say that particular venue has not caught a break with us with regards to the weather since ’04 🙂


7 thoughts on “run, interrupted

  1. LOL! I was there with the dogs around 730 last nite! When it rained really hard, I bailed out. As i reached the subway to head back home, passengers was in awe when i was squeezing the excess water on my healthy kidney tee and shorts! Damn….my sneakers are gonna stink next week!

  2. take the insoles out! it’ll help the drying a little bit.

  3. Ahh so you did bail, morrissey:) I continued on as once wet, what’s the difference? Makes for a good story later…albeit probably pretty stupid to run in a storm like that:-p

  4. hi I got the same template u got I was wondering if u could tell me what u did to fix the problem…

  5. I chickened out entirely! Got home from work soaking wet, and I really wanted a martini….but I couldn’t bear getting out there again!

  6. awww, you shoulda come out, you woulda had fun. there’s always next time though. have fun on your vacay!

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