technical difficulties

nope, you’re not seeing things, my blog has a case of “white-out” right now…apparently the site that was hosting my new blog theme exceeded its bandwidth…

so i’m guessing, i may not be able to retrieve the theme and re-host it til june 1st…in the meantime i’ll try and put in a generic blogger template so you guys aren’t stuck looking at a plain white screen 🙂

(and our work email is down too. at least i still have the Internet…)

update 10:45ish…looks like it’s back for now…

update 2:30ish-looks like its gone away again. and obviously i had a major blonde moment when writing this post, as it is in fact june 1st. when the hell did it get to be june already. and so much for thinking that the may bandwidth was used up and would get reset for june…


4 thoughts on “technical difficulties

  1. Good luck… At least you didn’t loose all your links and other customizations.

  2. thanks-and and as you can see, it’s restored to its previous visual goodness :)(tip to all-back up your template ever so often!)

  3. Definitely June, and you don’t look blonde in the pictures :). Love the new shoes, same colour scheme as my new Asics Nimbus, which incidently are great!

  4. how did u fix ur page?

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