i’m a speedstar

so i tried out a new pair of lightweight trainers for tonite’s speed workout…

i’ve been wanting to get a new pair for awhile…but unlike what i did with my old Mizuno Wave Precision 5’s (doing all training in them), I would restrict usage to speed workouts, and races 10K or shorter. My Cumuluses are great for training runs and worked well for the Queens half but feel a little too heavy when trying to push hard in speed workouts and shorter races. (But of course, if I’m feeling banged up at all, I’ll retreat back to the Cumuluses.)
asics gel-speedstar
So I tried on 2 pairs…the Asics Gel-Speedstar and the Mizuno Wave Precision 6. Though I used to love the Mizunos, they just don’t seem to fit me the same these days…the 8 1/2 is too small, and the 9 is too big in the heel, even with lace-locking (seems to be the case with all Mizunos these days.) The Asics in the 8 1/2 fit just right with my orthotics. (Plus even though you don’t buy shoes for looks, they look pretty damn sleek.)

Tonite’s workout was 9 repeats of the hill up to Tavern on the Green-perfect timing, as that’s the finish of the Mini 10K. The repeats started further back…around the exit to Columbus Circle (486 meters, we were told!!)


It was hot and muggy-I stopped for water during the recoveries after the 3rd and 8th repeat, but the actual hard running didn’t feel too affected. However, the 2:22 and 2:19 repeats were slowed by the road being very crowded and me having to dodge others. (Tuesday nites, the park is *packed* since a lot of teams are out doing speedwork.) And during the second 2:07 repeat, I had seen one of our speedy guys out for a run, and he was nice enough to pace me for the remainder of that repeat…guess I do my best when chasing after guys! πŸ™‚

As for the shoes, it was sorta strange wearing lightweight shoes again, but I felt a lot more “efficient” during this workout. Might need one more run in them to completely make up my mind.

now playing: “don’t wanna lose this groove” ~ dannii minogue vs. madonna

8 thoughts on “i’m a speedstar

  1. Nothing beats running in lightweight shoes! Just *think* speedy and your feet will follow…

  2. Rode past you guys a few times. I was going to yell out “Go Flyers!” but I figured it be more annoying than anything during a hard workout.Who’s Dannii Minogue? Kylie Minogue’s evil twin?

  3. All you kids and your lightweight shoes….guess I’m not one of those cool kids:-p In any event, nice way to get some confidence pre-mini…that last portion is always a *treat*….

  4. sempre libera-i agree they’re great-as long as with all sinful things, i use them in moderation πŸ™‚ but i’m thinking its possible i may need a pair with a touch more stability (like the Asics DS-Trainers) i may get a second opinion…jbl-you should have, you wouldn’t have been the first πŸ™‚ and dannii is kylie’s little sis.(speaking of aussies, it was our team’s favorite aussie who was pacing me during the workout.)uptown girl- actually, with my leather orthotics in the shoes (i’m guessing they add another ounce or 2), they probably are almost as heavy as regular trainers. but i did definitely feel a difference. and the “finish line sprint” was a good workout…one i havent done in quite awhile. you’re right about that last part being a “treat”-even Craig Mottram said after the Kidney 10K that he would have gotten the course record if they had “flattened out the last 500 meters” or something like that πŸ™‚

  5. I can definitely sympathize with you on the shoe dilemma!Great work on the repeats!

  6. Hi,I’m looking for friends in New York. I do pop by on and off. Bit of a fitness buff myself. Working out in the gym and all.Care to be friends?No.

  7. Guess I’ll have to follow that completely trolling last comment….The uphill to Tavern on the Green is quite a piece at the end of a race… congrats on the second 2:07

  8. heh heh…don’t worry, i graced that comment with my usual edits.and thanks πŸ™‚

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