heating up

looks like summer has officially begun…

toughest 6 miles i’ve done all year. not really humid at all, but the temps at 80. i kept stopping for water and i just did not feel good the entire time. and i wasn’t overdressed at all-bare basics, shorts and sportsbra (i couldn’t believe it when i saw people in long sleeves and pants, meantime i was dying wearing half as much.) yeah, maybe it wasn’t smart to wait until the afternoon, but I’ve been so damn sleep deprived as of late, I just needed a day to not set the alarm.

i know it takes time to adjust to the heat, but for some reason after running in it for 2 months last summer before I had to take a hiatus, I still never acclimated-I think I’ve gotten very heat intolerant or something! It was bad enough that I had a 2 minute positive split in last year’s Mini 10K…i had to walk several times in the second 5K because I felt like I was going to faint if I didn’t.

If the weather is just as crappy for this year’s race, i’d love to avoid that happening again…and i’d also love to not struggle this summer on training runs. therefore, does anyone have any helpful tips to acclimate to the heat besides “just getting used to it”-as that did not help last summer…

final note-good luck to those running the Vermont City Marathon tomorrow!!


10 thoughts on “heating up

  1. I just discovered your blog and really like it. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation. I decided to start a running blog to keep myself motivated as well so I’ve been seeing what’s out there. A lot but I do really enjoy yours. I hear you on the temp thing. It’s not as warm here but I’m dreading summer. Unfortunately, in the past I have solved it by running to a local dairy queen-small vanilla cone but still… I don’t know if it’s the healthiest way to go but I have also froze a water bottle half full so that I have a big chunk of ice. I wear it in a running back that sits in the small of my back so that also helps. Like I said though, I don’t know if that’s the wisest thing for your body…Good running and thanks! (By the way, I also noticed your blog because of a comment about the Yankees. I’m a huge baseball fan but coming from a small market I of course detest the Yankees. Oh well… πŸ™‚

  2. thanks for stopping by jen, and for the tips! i think dealing with the heat is really a trial and error thing for everyone…as for the Yanks…yeah, i get that from a lot of people πŸ™‚ still enjoy them, but this season has truly been a labor of love so far. ain’t over yet…

  3. Flygirl….as I was running in the Park today I was thinking the same thing! I could hardly make it 3 miles before I thought I was gonna pass out. But then again, how stupid was I to run at 4pm on a summer day?Jen….I’m looking forward to reading your blog! Welcome to the “club.”

  4. i did 10 yesterday in the afternoon…still tough, but made it through…just had to slow down, stop at the fountains often, and took my e-gel after 5 miles to get some electrolytes in me (that’s what gets depleted the most in the heat for me.) i guess the only way to get used to it is to face it head-on…

  5. flyergirl- damn i wish i had some motivation like you! instead of getting my ass out to run, i headed out to jones beach! yup- im a lazy bum! however, after reading your post today, ill be back in action tomw! πŸ™‚

  6. does it sound as motivational that the reason why i didn’t run til the afternoon was because i slept til noon after a martini-filled saturday nite…actually come to think of it, it probably does! :)hope jones beach was fun-man, was yesterday a scorcher!(and you are not a lazy bum, you earned the R & R!)

  7. Back from my bumming out in Spain and raring to go. Know exactly what you mean about the heat and acclimatising. Maybe here in Ireland we don’t get the extremes, and whilst I love to run in shorts and singlet (I draw the line at sports-bra!), I never quite get used to those really hot days, still maybe if I had the chance, I could try to get used to it!

  8. I know for me the best way to deal with heat is drinking a lot more H20. I’m pretty bad at it when it gets colder but as the mercury rises, you almost never see me without water. I find it especially helpful to tank up 2-3 days before an important run (whether it be a long run or a race).I also like to reward myself with ice cream….Emack&Bolios:):):)

  9. Sometimes a hat helps by keeping the direct sun off of your head and face. Of course it can become a fashion issue.

  10. i think i’m getting a rep here (fashionista runner…lol)i do find a hat a little too hot in the summer (i got by less is more) but sometimes what I do is make sure I at least wet my hair before going outside on those hot days…it does have a little bit of a cooling effect.and yes, ice cream is the best reward after a summertime long run πŸ™‚

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