blog makeover

just found a nice template in a very cool blue shade that i couldn’t resist trying out. what do you all think compared to the old one-yay or nay?


12 thoughts on “blog makeover

  1. yeah, i think my mind is made up already and it’s agreeing with you-i’m sorta embracing this new theme 🙂

  2. definitely an improvement. and with the water theme…maybe you’ll be a triathlete soon?

  3. I love it – but then, blue is my favourite colour

  4. i like it too….perhaps a new header is in store too?

  5. brooklyn-ha ha, i’m far away from being a multi-sporter…closest thing i do to cycling is spinning class and i did not enjoy my coupla attemps at swimming while injured. i’ll stay a singlular sensation for now :)thomas-yep, blue is my favorite color too :)uptown girl-yep, a new header did cross my mind, but i did a little poking around in the css to find the current header graphic to see what the possiblities of modification were…i’d need help with someone more graphics/code-savvy than me! maybe sometime down the line…

  6. I’m loving the new template.

  7. OK….I’m not saying I don’t like it (mine is boring) but what is growing at the top right corner above your photo? 🙂

  8. I really like the new look, especially the header.

  9. it’s some kind of marine life thats in the header :)(it does look like it’s growing out of my head, doesn’t it? teehee.)

  10. oh, yes…there is something oddly fabulous about it 🙂

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