is monogamy catching?

and why hasn’t it seem to have caught me yet?

during the course of the day Saturday…after the race, and later that nite at a b-day party i attended, i heard the news that 3 more Flyer couples (well at least, 3 couples that each have at least one Flyer in them) got engaged. crazy!! where are these commitment-minded males? i can’t find them anywhere. it seems to me that these days, dating to males is a reality show to them-it’s like The Bachelor to them, how many girls can they kiss, and even if they pick one they don’t feel obligated to stay with the girl.

anyway. my dating rant of the day. yeah, it’s been awhile. you’re welcome.

so, changing the subject, said b-day party saturday nite was a surprise 40th b-day party for a very cool teammate of mine (though i do have to say, she doesn’t look anywhere close to 40!) anyway, it was a lot of fun and she looked surprised 🙂 The actual party took place at Cascina, a nice Italian place in Hell’s Kitchen-our crew took over the party room upstairs. we got kicked out at midnight, so the party moved next door to Zanzibar, where the party went into the wee hours. i remember quite a bit of dancing-on the floor and on the table (the latter not done by me ;-),) trying to “crash” a bachelor party, and screaming along to “Hollaback Girl” (c’mon, you know this sh*t is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!) what a day/night. i was wiped out on Sunday.

speaking of wiped out, that’s how i feel right now. while this speedwork was more tolerable than last week, and i didn’t have to cut it short, was still quite tough. the west side hills from 93rd to 86th…4 round trips (8 repeats total), then another mile on the bridle path. man, no wonder those hills kick my a$$ in races. Derek attended his first Flyer speedwork tonite and seemed to enjoy himself very much. :-p

Finally, i leave you with this cryptic note: keep your fingers crossed for me. I can’t quite say why on the blog just yet (though some of you who know me “off the blog” may already know.) if all goes well, i hope to have something good to tell soon…

10 thoughts on “is monogamy catching?

  1. I thought those places sounded familiar. If you like slightly spicy food, Bali Nusa is right next door to Cascina, and pretty good.

  2. If that’s true what you say about guys, then how are these couples getting engged?

  3. because those couples are lucky. and i’m not. all i seem to attract are the ones who *can’t* commit.

  4. Derek makes a good point, and I don’t believe it’s “luck” at all. I’m convinced that it’s basically just a numbers game in the end, not an issue of commitment. Keep at it, ’cause all you need is one, you know! Eventually, you’ll find him, and he’ll find you… patience, girl, patience!

  5. ok, i understand, i just think Derek could have worded it a little better/nicer. and i do think it’s partially luck because it’s like…why do certain women get to meet those nice, commitment-minded men, while i get stuck with lying, cheating assholes? what do those women who snag the nice, committment-minded men have to offer than i don’t? *that’s* the point i was trying to make-maybe i shouldn’t have said “all guys” in my post. (and it disturbs me a little, the number of married men who don’t even have the decency to wear their wedding rings…i mean, when i first meet a guy, thats the first place i look to make sure it’s ok to talk to him!)yeah, i know i need to be patient, but honestly, i’m at the point where i’m really sick of dating, it stopped being fun for me a *long* time ago. (sigh.)

  6. Poor Flygirl! sorry if i wasn’t more sensitive. My sense is that most relationships in nyc started out as casual dating, and progressed gradually progressed into something more. So if you’re against casual dating you end up missing out on a lot of potential relationships. At least that is my feeling from observing my circle of friends.Also – “even if they pick one they don’t feel obligated to stay with the girl.” Is there really any obligation to stay? Maybe if you’ve just had a kid, but otherwise even if you’re married divorce is pretty much accepted — and initiated by twice as many women than men.

  7. damn, i dont know how the hell my parents are still together after 35 years.

  8. Isn’t a ‘numbers game’ the same thing as luck? Of course, nothing is COMPLETELY luck, but some people DO have better luck than others. Also, some guys are more into girls who don’t give a shit about them, and sometimes it’s hard to pretend not to care when you do.Well, good luck!!! You have a perfect right to complain.

  9. Hi Flygirl,I’m Derek’s brother, and just got engaged a few months ago so thought I’d throw in my 2 cents.I think the ‘dating game’ is pretty different here in New Zealand where I live, and people here are a lot less focused on getting engaged and married, but as far as finding someone that means enough to you that you want a commited relationship, luck has a lot to do with it. I’m not sure I agree with Derek that long term relationships are ones that develop from a lot of casual dating because I fell for my fiance like crazy from right about the start. On the other hand, it seems like our relationship started almost by chance, and I had to go through a lot of crappy dating just to find her.In NZ it isn’t always the guys that treat dating like a reality show. I have met my share of less than reliable girls. Anyway, Good luck!

  10. i think the moral of this story is that on this topic, we can all agree to disagree…and on that note, i am running out of this topic and refuse to comment again…

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