or so it said on my watch afterwards! for once, i was actually a little disappointed that my time was actually a second faster according to NYRR…gotta love “novelty times!”

so today, at the Healthy Kidney 10K, we were all lined up besides (or behind) some of the best of the best in men’s road racing. As I said in a previous post-and Mary Wittenberg (the CEO of NYRR) seemed to share those thoughts when she was talking up the crowd before the race-it’s special to be sharing the road with these great athletes…whether today, or with some of the best female runners next month at the Mini 10K…or even other races where our local elites are also national stars. i’m sure that was part of the reason why this race was so packed today (or it could have been the attraction of a souvenir technical shirt, or for the locals, this was a club points race where everyone comes out in force!)

but anyway, backing things up a little. well first off, the fashion report πŸ™‚ (this one’s for you, Skylight) My brand-spankin’ new so-red-hot Flyer singlet, my black Nike shorts with red and white trim/accents (Flyer colors!!,) black Flyer sports bra, thin black headband, and the orange/white Asics Cumuluses, coordinating again with yet another orangish and white race bib.

so i got to the race area in plenty of time…dropped off my bag, stretched and did a little bit of a warm-up…but still didn’t really feel loose (maybe after-effects from Tuesday, though i took it easy the remainder of the week?) found some teammates and walked to the start…then saw one of my faster female teammates and she pulled me in to line up with her (between the 6 and 7 minute markers again…might as well, this is a packed race. besides, i wanted to make sure my teammate lined up well, as she usually scores for our womens team in the points races.) so, stood through the elite male athlete introductions and speeches (though laughed a little when they said the elites will be around cheering for the rest of us at the finish…they’ll be done before I even get to mile 4!) so anyway, eventually we were off.

weather at the start was high 50s, humid, sunny, which made it feel much warmer…my original plan was the run the first mile cautiously, then hard and controlled til the 5K point (or maybe a little longer-like til after that last nasty hill in the 4th mile,) then hammer home. didn’t quite work out like that. the mile-by mile replay…

1. 7:59-good, didn’t feel like I rabbited this mile. saw Uptown Girl and the rest of her TRD “pom-pom crew” during this mile, as well as one of my teammates standing and cheering nearby (thanks JN!)
2. 7:57-still pretty good! me waving to the pom-pom crew in mile 5
3. 8:20-first of the Harlem Hill climbs. yuck. (hit 5K in 25:12)
4. 8:45-steeper Harlem Hill-double yuck.
5. 7:56-fun mile. saw the pom-pom crew again, as well as the Flyers’ Mr. President taking pictures. Skylight caught up to me before Cat Hill and ran with me for the remainder of this mile before he took off. It definitely helped to have someone to run with when I felt I was fading a little.
6. 8:09-meh, ok, lets just get this done πŸ™‚
last .21-1:43-caught up to and passed one of our female super-veteran superstars, but the uphill to Tavern always seems to rob me of a finishing kick. But helped to hear the cheering, from my teammates and other teams (yep, Morrissey, I did hear ya!)

So…even though my watch had a cool time of 50:50, according to NYRR, I actually finished in 50:49, 8:11 pace (25:12/25:37 5K splits.)

So, as usual, hung around afterwards with my teammates rehashing the day/race/whatever else. And of course, the blog crew was out in force…saw jbl (was it a PR? πŸ˜‰ :-p), Sempre Libera with some of her TRD teammates (congrats on what I think is a PR?), Phil (congrats on 1st 10K!) and Brooklyn (congrats on a PR!)

and the PR’s…or course PR’s extended to the elites-Craig Mottram was the repeat winner of the race with a better time than last year, but missed the course record (and an additional $10,000 bonus) by mere seconds!! Man…don’t know what is the lesser of 2 evils-to miss a time goal by a long shot, or just barely…knowing you just…about…had it!!

Anyway, I had a good/fun run today. Still weak on the hills, but nothing I didn’t already know. Next up for me will be the Mini 10K in June. Another fun race, however, that is one that the weather can really make or break. (made it in ’04, broke it in ’05.)

time to nap…got to par-tay tonite πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “fifty-fifty

  1. Glad you had a good race! That 4th mile was a bear, though, and I totally agree on the finish.And thanks for passing along the picture!

  2. Nice run. I think we were lined up right next to each other…LOL

  3. Nice to hear another good race report! I’m glad my pom pom craziness was able to spur you through:)Mile 4 is always a bear on that 10k course….but it makes you stronger, right?

  4. It was good to see you after the race. Glad to hear you are satisfied with your performance, you seemed annoyed after the race. I think a lot of people set PRs today. I’m a little disappointed it’s all over…

  5. You know I can’t wait for the fashion report! Good to know that they colour-coordinated the bib with your shoes… Haha!Great job with the race. Glad my presence didn’t hinder you in any way. Nice running with you!

  6. Great run and awesome splits lara! Glad you heard the anonymous lunatic cheering for ya at the end! πŸ™‚

  7. sempre libera-i agree, way too much climbing in that mile. glad you liked that pic!!josh-it’s very possible, though looks like you took off a lot quicker than i did at the start! congrats on your PR!uptown girl-the pom poms came at the right time-always need the most cheering in those last coupla miles. as for mile 4…i guess no more skimping on harlem hill for the next coupla weeks :)brooklyn-glad i ran into you too…did i really seem annoyed? maybe at the time, i did wish i had miles 3 and 4 back, but after reading other race reports, seemed like everyone slowed at the same places i did, so i felt better about my run. but congrats to you-well deserved!phil-thanks-and right back atcha :)skylight-see, when you don’t sneak up on a runner like a certain other teammate of ours did to me once, it all works out πŸ˜‰ i knew if i could keep pace with you, i was doing just fine.morrissey-thanks for the props and thanks for cheering!! (in the blog world…we don’t stay anonymous for long, as i’ve learned!)

  8. Nice race, and 50:50 is a cool time. Though I couldn’t help but notice that you’re heel striking badly in that photo.

  9. ugh, yes…i know. wouldn’t be the first time either πŸ™‚

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