drive-by posting

yep, you know i’ve been under if i’ve abstained from blogging for a week. i’ll spare all the details, but some of the occurances and observations in the past week:

  • the whole debate of “is the Great Lawn oval really .55 miles” that was discussed here was sorta put to rest-apparently I wasn’t the only curious Flyer after that workout, as the oval got measured by a wheel afterwards-apparently it’s between .51 and .52 miles…putting my pace for that workout at 7:50ish which sounds much more accurate. (i don’t think anyone really believed the .55 measurement…we would have all run 5K PRs, or close to it, if that were the case!)
  • had a first date…the first one in a very long time where i did not want to slap the guy silly by the end of it. i’m taking it as a good sign….for now. i’m just waiting to be disappointed somehow. guys always seem to know how to do that.
  • karaoke is addictive. though a few of us said were only gonna partake for an hour on friday nite, before we knew it, it was around 2:30 in the morning.
  • and my lack of sleep sure came in handy on saturday-not. the flyers had a volunteer event in central park where we had 2 jobs-pulling up tulips and planting ivy. not surprisingly, we were better at the former…guess we’re better at destroying things πŸ™‚
  • and glad i bailed on doing the mother’s day 5k…an 8am race start just was not happening for me that morning. since i promised to take pictures, i did so, albeit late…i just barely made it in time to get pictures of our ladies passing by mile 13.
  • mother’s day dinner with la familia. my mom loved her gifts from me and my brother. and had to listen once again to who the latest people younger than me that are getting engaged/married/pregnant. i debated on whether or not to say that i am looking for a sperm donor instead of a husband. just for kicks, just to get a reaction.
  • dinner Sunday night was at a good Chinese restaurant in Queens (yeah, i had chinese twice in one week.) another amusing fortune cookie-this one saying “a distant relative will contact you soon.” my money is on the relative mentioned in this post…he’ll probably be calling to get back in our good graces.
  • i’ve been pretty quiet about this season of Survivor, i know. Out of the final 4, I wanted Cirie to win it, but if she couldn’t, i was satisfied with Aras winning…hey, i’ll never complain about a young, cute guy taking the prize πŸ™‚ Just glad it wasn’t Danielle (aka Jenna M redux) and that the Terry show was over-gawd, he reminded me of the male Steph (except Steph never won a thing!) Courtney and Shane weren’t quite bitter enough in their jury speeches.
  • I had my a$$ handed to me on the 91st street hill this evening. the workout was continuously going up and down the hill for 20 minutes, then rest for 5, then go up and down for another 20 (but try and do more laps than the previous 20.) I called it quits after the first 20 minutes as my calf was giving me problems. no need causing more damage than absolutely necessary…

so that’s it for now. hopefully it wont take me another week to post again. maybe i’ll post a report after the Healthy Kidney 10K. or not. πŸ™‚

now playing: “feel” ~ robbie williams

12 thoughts on “drive-by posting

  1. the .3 or .4 makes a dif. It’s kinda like the bloggers that talk about the 3.5-mile Prospect Park loop … which it ISN’T. I’ve measured it a number of times, usually with a GPS on a long run and dividing… it is almost exactly 3.33 miles. that .17 is a world of difference in terms of pace.don’t squirm out of a post on Healthy Kidney. Anyone who’s anyone is going to be out there and God himself personally promised me optimum weather for PRs. Good luck out there.

  2. Good call on skipping the 8 am 5K. I almost heaved at the end — must’ve been the humidity, right? Never happened before so I’m hoping that the Wall Street will be better. My response to my parents’ comments about the same irritating subjects is to remind them that when they come to MY place we get to have a civilized cocktail hour without pesky children or in-laws bugging us. It stops them cold and they just ask for the Stoli.Happy running.

  3. This blows, just checked and it looks like a complete washout on Healthy Kidney. Nevertheless, I’ll be there! Just think of it as the Pfizer 15K part deux!Two nights of Chinese? Affirmative, i practically did the same thing when i stayed over at my ‘rents in Queens for Mother’s Day….not to mention for brunch too…. Heck, danielle wouldn’t have won survivor either way!!!! Also did you catch terry’s comment on Aras? Weird eh? My initial reaction was “wtf!?!?!”

  4. Good to see you back – I felt as if I was missing the loop when I was in Prague, with no Internet, and you did it by choice!Look forward to seeing how you run this weekend.

  5. Good luck this weekend! I’ll be out there (as long as its not a downpour) with the pom poms this time!

  6. Brooklyn-don’t worry, i’m not really gonna squirm out of a post-Healthy Kidney post, that was just poking fun at my week-long blogging hiatus πŸ™‚ good luck to you on saturday too (did you figure out the attire yet?)snowflake-when i was out there, i thought the weather was perfect for racing (little chilly for spectating though.) don’t know what your strong distances are, but i feel like crap by the end of those short races. good luck tonite. i did the wall street run 2 years ago and decided against it this year-it’s notorious for being mismeasured, the streets are very poorly kept (watch your footing) and too many pedestrians on their cell phones and/or crackberries trying to cross in the runners’ path.morrissey-don’t give up hope for saturday yet, it only says 30% chance of rain, and hopefully it will hold off til at least 10 am anyways-once it gets close enough, the hourly forecast is more important!(which comment of terry’s were you referring to?)liam-it was sorta by choice but sorta not by choice-lots going on in the last week, couldn’t really wrap my head around a blog post!!uptown girl-yay for the pompoms!! look for me in the new red Flyer singlet this time πŸ™‚

  7. The Healthy Kidney is going to be my first time running more than 4 miles. Eeep.

  8. Wow FlyGirl, you had an eventful week. I’m sorry I missed out on the Karaoke. I had to be at work at 7am!And the speedwork! My calves could never have taken that one?see you at the HK10K!

  9. random question: is it possible to download Brightroom photos from NYRR races?

  10. morrissey-OMG, how, how did I miss that first time around?? (i must have been multi-tasking or something!) too funny.phil-no worries, you can do it. just pace pace pace. (hint-the toughest hills of the race will be on miles 3 and 4, so hold back a little in the beginning.)yelbis-i was wondering where you had went!! and oh boy, a lot of peeps were still hurting yesterday and today…even the hardcore ones. c-ya saturday.yy-yep, you can nab brightroom pictures…you can go into the source code and find the URL for the actual picture and save it to your computer from there πŸ™‚

  11. Yeah, i was surprised Terry made the freudian slip on LIVE TV! “getting it on strapping it on and making it happen…….” Did you noticed Sally’s reaction? She kinda cracked up a bit!

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