round and round and up and down

boy, it seemed things did not stop spinning around for a second today.

beginning with an early-morning phone call before work…

then the B train stopping just short of the Columbus Circle station and everyone having to try and exit the train through the first car. and just as i get near the front, then the train pulls into the station…but i just miss a C train that just pulls out! sigh.

hectic morning…clients and requests and all that jazz…

longish lunch to celebrate EB’s b-day…

then group meeting as soon as we get back…

conference call with client as soon as done with meeting…plus handling other requests…barely made it out in time to get to speedwork!!

workout tonite was a tempo run-6 continuous loops of the Delacorte Oval (around the Great Lawn) supposed to be at 5 mile-10Kish pace. first 2 loops were fine, slowed a little on the next 3, really had to fight for the last one. kinda feeling light-headed and sorta “out of gas” by the end…don’t know if i maybe didn’t eat enough today, or just the hecticness of the day catching up with me. actually had to sit down once the tempo run was over. but feeling better now.

now, trying to figure out exactly how long this run was…getting conflicting opinions as to how long the oval is. i’ve seen on websites that it’s .55 miles-but if that’s the case then i ran that tempo run at close to my pre-injury 5K PR pace…which would be a little surprising, especially since I wasn’t feeling 100%. GMaps pedometer puts it between .52 and .53 miles which seems a little more realistic. (i think it’s more than .5, but definitely less than .55…amazing how a hundredth of a mile can affect pace calculations.)

either way, the splits and stats: 3:53/3:56/4:06/4:09/4:07/4:00/24:11 total.

got an interesting fortune cookie at lunch today…the fortune read:
“soon you will be sitting on top of the world.”
little far-fetched, methinks…but it’s possible something or 2 may be turning a corner (being vague so i don’t jinx it…but like everything in my life, cautiously optimistic…)

now playing: “spinning around” ~ kylie minogue


7 thoughts on “round and round and up and down

  1. If you don’t have to fight on the last repetition, you didn’t run them hard enough. You actually increased the pace on the last one, so I say well done.

  2. Great intervals, something I will be adding to my schedule after this weekend. – Still love the singlet 😉

  3. 6 continuous loops at 5K/10K pace? So the workout was 5K at almost your 5K pace? Sounds a little too hard to be called just a “workout” to me. Sounds like a race.TC

  4. (5k was a mistake-that should actually have been 5 mile-I have fixed that.)The thing is, I still don’t exactly know what the heck pace I was running last nite. The coach said that the loop was in fact .55 miles, but there is no way I did that workout at a 7:20 pace. So I’m still not sure I believe that measurment. If I go by GMaps’ measurement of .52, that drops it down to approx. 7:45 pace, which is a little more realistic…But honestly, these days I really have no concept of what my short distance pace should be. My short (4-mile) race paces this year have not jived at all with my what my longer (15K & half-marathon) race paces would predict.Also, it’s funny what you say about it sounding like a race…that’s one of the reasons why I’m not too crazy about tempo runs…they feel like races that I’m not properly fueled, rested or tapered for.

  5. It’s definitely not an exact half-mile. I’ve never seen a precise measurement, but when I used to run there we would do a loop minus one lamp post, and consider that as half a mile. Since I have no idea what the distance between the lamp posts is, that doesn’t really help. (Also, assuming not all lamposts are spaced evenly, use the ones on the straightest part on the east side.

  6. Tempo runs *should* feel harder than races run at (similar) tempo pace, because you don’t have the advantage of race-day adrenaline, competition, etc. Think of it as making race day that much easier, and therefore hopefully faster. 🙂

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