red is the colour of winners

look what i got in my pretty little hands tonite during tonite’s Flyer exec board meeting…

new red flyer singlet-front new red flyer singlet-back

i was the first Flyer to order our new red-hot singlet (or actually, “throwback” may be a better term-we did have a limited edition red singlet long before my time and we decided to give them a revival in ’06) so only fitting (no pun intended) that i’d be one of the first to receive it…

can’t wait to model this at the next points race (the Healthy Kidney 10k) in 2 weeks.

i’m such a clotheshorse. i get way too excited about new fashions, be it street clothes or running wear 🙂

now playing: “if you could read my mind” ~ stars on 54


10 thoughts on “red is the colour of winners

  1. You know that red is for winners, right? 😉

  2. When running alone wear a police whistle around your neck. If accosted blow that whistle and keep blowing the whistle until somebody notices you or/and the intruder runs off.

  3. Cool Vest – Look forward to hearing how it shaves seconds of your times 🙂

  4. Wear it on the 10k and let’s see if it’s a go-faster-singlet.

  5. uptown girl-mmm, hmmm. i’m sure it’s no coincidence that 2 of the coolest clubs wear red too ;-)anon-i guess that’s referring to my previous post. the thing was, there was actually other people around when it happened…no one wanted to stop i guess.liam and thomas-we shall see if it’s a good luck singlet!!

  6. Those are sharp. I want one. 🙂

  7. If you wear one, you are obligated to PR.

  8. Healthy Kidney is in TWO WEEKS???? Ack! I’m not ready! What’ll I wear! Will my shoes be broken in by then…??? and please god don’t let it rain

  9. so derek, when are you gonna be picking up one of these new snazzy singlets? ;-)brooklyn-knock it off, you sound like me!! :-p

  10. Hey can us “Forners” join the Flyers – Just to get a snazzy singlet – I promise to wear it when I run in Central Park in November 😉

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