no rest for the weary

oy vey. it’s only hump day and i’m beat.

my weary legs are getting a little bit of a running break too. nothing but easy runs this week. decided to be smart and skip speed last nite in favor of an easy 5-mile loop, turned out to be the right decision since my legs didn’t feel up to pushing fast anyway. i did stop by engineer’s gate to say a quick hi to everyone and find out what i missed 🙂

seems like i never made up my lack of sleep from this weekend. after a too-short nap on Saturday, i set out for a little Flyer event with a twist. Our very creative social chair decided to think “outside the box” a little and set up a pottery painting event at Our Name Is Mud (or whatever it’s called now) in the west village. hey, I needed a mother’s day gift for my mom (it’s too hard these days to think of what to get for the mother who has everything) so hey why not. and we got to guzzle some red wine while doing so (and there were some who accidentally put their paintbrushes in the wine cup and yes, I was that person.) after that was over, we headed to a nearby bar/restaurant for food and drinks-including a coupla bottles of champagne, courtesy of a nice Brit in town for the weekend who wanted a running team to spend a Saturday nite with (and who had no prob using the expense account as well! very nice.)

then on Sunday, as I liveblogged, I went to the Yanks game-my brother has season tix for all the Sunday games this year. Not bad seats, tier reserve, 1st base side. Nice win over Toronto…only thing that marred the game for me was me getting probably the worst allergy attack I’ve had in years-all the Claritin in the world couldn’t help me. i was in misery through the game and after the game when we went back to NJ for a belated b-day dinner for my mom.

but nevertheless, a very good weekend…and has seemed to be the case lately after good weekends, monday morning is a bit of a letdown.

this week at work has been quite hectic so far, and looks like a taste of things to come, as starting next week we are gonna be down 1 man. i’d be lying if i said i wasn’t apprehensive about what the next couple of months are gonna bring…man, is it too much to ask that i can have at least 1 summer where i’m not consumed with work and can just kick back and enjoy…?

only good news i’ve gotten this week is that my rent will have a very minimal increase next year…meaning that the UWS is stuck with me for another year 🙂 as long as i can afford the rent on my current place, i ain’t moving…i wouldn’t give up a place within stumbling distance from central park if I didn’t have to 🙂

3 days down, 2 to go…

now playing: “say i” ~ christina milian


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