you can take the girl out of the sorority

…but you can’t take the sorority out of the girl.

let me back up and explain a little bit here. when entering college, i never considered myself to be the “sorority type.” felt that the petty rivalries and the cattiness…well who needs to deal with it? i sorta changed my tune a little sophomore year when hanging out at some “Greek Week” events with my boyfriend at the time and some of his frat brothers. That seemed to be the one time of the year where everyone just put aside their differences and just got along. May sound cheesy, but I felt a sense of community that I wanted to be a part of. I eventually did wind up joining a sorority later in my college years, and enjoyed events like mixers with other fraternities, and Greek Week (during Greek Week, there were 4-5 teams that had a different mix of sororities and fraternities…and during that week, besides the games and contests, each team would be having a party each nite…good times.)

Fast forward to the present. In a way, I consider the whole “running team” thing to be a little like Greek life…we’re all attracted to different groups based on goals, personalities, interests, who you know, who you’re friendly with…but beneath the logos and singlet colors, we’re all just people who run and like to have fun, right? So when I got elected member-at-large this year, one of the things I had on my plate to do was spearhead mixers with some of the other running/tri clubs, if the interest was there.

Well, interest was definitely there as last nite, the Flyers, the Reservoir Dogs and the Harriers took on B Bar for a mixer of sorts (aka a marathon drinking session 🙂 ) My instinct was right-was a great time, the drinks and conversation was flowing for hours, was very cool to meet people from the other teams-especially a couple where it was nice to finally put a face with a name 🙂 And if I didn’t already know that the NYC running scene was a small world-one of my colleagues was there last nite too (she’s an aspiring Harrier.) I was a little hung over earlier this morning, but was worth it-I think we may definitely have to have a repeat mixer!!

As for tonite, I think I may have to skip out on a drinks invite with the coworkers since this must be an early evening…got a mad-early wake-up call tomorrow morning to catch a certain bus out to College Point 🙂 Good luck to everyone who’s running tomorrow…


8 thoughts on “you can take the girl out of the sorority

  1. Sounds like fun. I wish there was a running community here where I live.

  2. I wonder why they chose College Point. It’s so… far

  3. i’d say College Point is about as far as, say, Coney Island is from the upper west side :)it’s a great course though…some parts of it go through some pretty swanky neighborhoods with gorgeous houses, and I love the parts where we’re running along the water (that part actually makes for some nice brightroom pics too!)

  4. Definitely a great thing to have a sense of community. I had a great time as well…and there is nothing wrong with a good marathon drinking session;) Hopefully we can do it again soon!I’m looking forward to your 1/2 marathon report…:)

  5. Wow, good luck in the Queens Half! And sounds like thirsty fun, next time have it closer to civilization pleeeese! 🙂

  6. Repeat! Repeat!Thanks for putting the evening together.

  7. A good time at the mixer, even though I got there late and only talked to one dog. Let’s keep doing these events. And good choice of venue, too. Nice to push the flyers to ride those few extra subway stops!

  8. skylight, i completely agree with your logic 🙂 i mean, how many times do the UWS’ers have to trek crosstown?(maybe that’s the reason why the majority of Flyers there that nite were west siders…we’re used to travelling far, we’re the tougher breed 🙂 )

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