talkin’ smack

well, with the Corporate Challenge fast reaching capacity (1 month earlier than planned -who knew?) i gave in and signed up. (figure it will be my tempo run in lieu of speedwork that week.)

but based on the trash talkin’ on the company message board, figure it may be a little battle of the sexes within our company as well 🙂 first, our captain noted that “not one man has signed up to represent….SAD!” then after one signed up…well, as i seem to never learn, i just had to put in my 2 cents and say that the one guy who had signed up at the time “is the man! everyone else is just afraid of getting beaten by a girl :)” (i speak the truth…the one guy who did run last year did get beaten by a girl!! 2 girls, in fact 🙂 ) while a few more guys did step up to the plate and sign up, the ladies still outnumber them. by, like, twice as much… 🙂

resting today…i think my eyes and nose could use the break as much as my legs did. my allergies were acting up so bad during speedwork last nite…by the time i finished my last repeat, i could not wait to just go home, wash all the blasted pollen off me and take my contacts out. as much as i love spring, that’s the only drawback…

but tomorrow looks to be a beautiful day, weather-wise…works out well, as i have a happy hour tomorrow nite that i think will be a lot of fun ;-)…looks like we may get to sip our drinks outside!! yay 🙂

(and weather report for Saturday still looks great as well…)

now playing: “butterfly” ~ crazy town


6 thoughts on “talkin’ smack

  1. Oh man. My allergies are killing me. I went out to do a tempo run and was 39 seconds over in the first mile. I ended up turning it into an easy run.

  2. i think it may be better in the mornings…i didn’t have any problems this morning-but then again i also wore my shades in an attempt to keep the pollen out of my eyes and took Claritin before the run. maybe those 2 things helped.

  3. I’ve got 7 women and 3 men on my company team… I think they *are* afraid they’ll be beat by a girl! Maybe the promise of running skirts would lure them out.

  4. well looks like our registration went through so i’ll be out there on thursday night for the CC:-p we’ve got: 16 women and 26 men (which all considered isn’t as lopsided as i thought it would be for an engineering office). anyway, considering i placed second in my company two years ago…they pretty much accept that they (being the men) will be beaten by a girl:-D

  5. Although I prefer to be in a smaller team, we have over 1000 men and 700 women signed up for this race! Crazy right?

  6. 1700 peeps? holy sh*t.(this reaction is coming from someone who’s worked at smaller companies her whole time in the workforce.)looks like our tally is 11 gals and 5 guys-but not sure how many of our guys are actually running vs. walking. all i know is i’ve beaten 3 of those 5 in the past…nah, i think the real challenge this year will be actually having after-race drinks this time (always say it’s gonna happpen, but it never does!)

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