running towards the goal line

This week is pretty much the homestretch week for me before the big one. Lower 5.1 mile loop last nite, a modified speed workout tonite (those who are doing Queens have the option of doing a “lesser” workout tonite, as we did before Brooklyn.) rest tomorrow, 4 easy bridle path miles Thursday, rest Friday.

I have an idea in my head of what I’d like to run on Saturday…I think based some other performances this year (mainly, the 15K I did back in March) this is a realistic goal. i know others think that i should go more aggressive. yeah maybe, if the stars were aligned or something, the more “aggressive” time could be a possiblity, but I don’t want to count on it. basically, i want this to be more than just another 13.1 mile run…i’d like it to be a performance to be proud of, which means having realistic expectations. (i have “bronze, silver, and gold” performance goals…not sure if I want to write them publicly yet.)

But I think back to 2 races this year-the Snowflake disaster, where I did have what I thought was a realistic expectation of what I’d like to run and wound up crashing. And the opposite, the 15K, which wasn’t really on the radar as anything more than a 9.3 mile run and I did better than expected.

I know we’re told that the best times and performances come when you don’t expect it, when you’re thinking about it the least. But does that contradict the idea of having a goal race?

Or maybe I should just stop thinking so much and just run. 🙂

6 thoughts on “running towards the goal line

  1. hey nyflygirl-I found your blog when searching for blogs on the adidas run for the parks 4M. Did you end up running in it? I was visiting nyc from Austin, TX and ran it as my first NYC run. I blogged about it.

  2. Just run! And drink up on Thursday 😉

  3. Stop thinking too much and RUN RUN RUN! You’re more than ready to rock ‘n roll. And I second sempre libera’s drinking up on Thursday;)

  4. You will rock at the weekend. Just go out there and run, run , run. Quite a few of you NY’ers out for this race, so looking forward to seeing what you all do. And if you need any help on the drinking up………

  5. jeff-my original plan (before hearing the weather report for the weekend) was to bandit the race as the last 4 miles of a 10-mile long run…but decided to do that long run friday and sleep in on sunday 🙂 nice job gutting it out!!ladies-you don’t need to tell me twice about drinking it up! 🙂 looking forward…liam-yep, these borough halfs are quite popular in our neck of the woods (probably since they’re among the very few races outside Central Park!) this particular race is one of my favorites, so i’m looking forward to returning.

  6. Hm. Apprehension; I’m feeling ya. I will try to take the advice of the other commentors and not think about Saturday too much. If it turns into “just another” long run, so be it. If the stars are aligned and it turns into a performance run, so be that too. Good luck out there!

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