what have i done…

ok…so between your comments and looking at some inspiring photos…my arm was virtually twisted.

just claimed my spot for November 5th. no turning back now.

now the 2 challenges are as follows:

1. getting to the start line uninjured, and in one piece.
2. having the time to train (as work looks to be ruining my summer once again.)

this will be…interesting, i guess…

now playing: “just like that” ~ amber


17 thoughts on “what have i done…

  1. Just found your blog and am feeling guilty about having skipped today’s race (for my 9 this year). I just officially signed up for Nov. 5 myself. It was REALLY hard in 04 and caused a massive slump for me. If you can get over yours, I can get over mine… Good luck.

  2. Can you get Lance’s autogragh for me?

  3. ohh, me too. I would love a Lance Armstrong autograph.

  4. Flygirl, where’s your bravado? You’re going to crush this race, run it right into the ground. Neither work nor rain nor injuries will stop you … I have faith.

  5. snowflake-don’t feel guilty at all about today, if the number of finishers is any indication, a lot of people had the same thought you did. besides, the year’s still young. good luck to ya :)aaron and jk-oh yeah, if i see lance at the expo, i’ll be sure to have him autograph my yellow bracelet (yes i got one, long after it became trendy)derek-oh boy, so much that i can’t write here. but let’s just say i heard the words “say goodbye to your personal life”…i’ll need all the support and ass-kicking i can get.

  6. Woo-hoo! Partay in NY Nov 5!

  7. I won’t be there on Nov 5th to cheer (only in spirit), but I will be in town the following week, so you can tell me all about it as you celebrate.Work/Life Balance is Vital – You’ll get through, we’ll support you.

  8. So, you’ve finally take the plunge. Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as they say it is (revisionist history working here).Good luck with the training. If work starts interfering, it’s usually a good idea to run in the morning.

  9. Glad you signed up! The crazy person cheering for you in Bay Ridge will be me.

  10. Excellent! Just run run run:) As mentioned previously, it becomes vital to utilize the morning run route…And I’ll be up in Harlem come Nov. 5th cheering:)

  11. I just found your blog (doing some cruising to see if I can really commit to a half marathon in september)– I can’t wait to read your updates! Kick some ass….

  12. BONJOUR!!!!!Ahem. I see the emotional rollercoaster has not slowed in my absence. :-)Well congrats on signing up for NYCM. Technically, if you ran 15 miles on 4/16, you could probably run a marathon next week and finish…somewhat respectably I might add. Of course that would be a suboptimal approach but, ummm….my first solo marathon was under those exact conditions and I was exactly your age too! So just don’t do any fool stuff like running all too fast and you wont get re-injured….as far as personal life, ummmmmmmm I’d say a long run with friends is like a night in a bar minus the hangover.Buckle up baybeeeee! it’s gonna be a great ride!!!

  13. And I’ll be right there cheering you on at mile 18, with your favourite Power Gel!

  14. holy crap, a girl has to go to work for a few hours and all hell breaks loose in the comments section :)oh yes, i am a big believer of having a good work/life balance. not everyone agrees with that concept though, if you know what i mean 😉 but oh yeah, i’m gonna have to bite the bullet and get back to 6:15 am runs like i used to do…especially when it gets hot out!madame-bonjour right back atcha. 🙂 like the emotional rollercoaster *ever* ends with me! just call me the Carrie Bradshaw of the running blog world-except with Asics instead of Manolos. :)Skylight-thanks-and you may want to rebel and wear your Flyers singlet instead of the PowerGel shirt…i heard that was a great help to someone last year who really needed to see those red diamonds at that point 😉

  15. yay – exciting news =) I’ll be cheering you on from the sidelines in LIC. can’t wait!

  16. OK…you have 6.5 months to choose the perfect running outfit for the day. Will it be the red singlet or the white?….and…Don’t worry, you are never alone… (ARGH!)… there is always the NYRR-results-list stalker! AKA my favorite running buddy 🙂

  17. yelibs-oh. no. you. di’int. you just had to mention him. well i guess i’ll just have to outrun him 😉 as for white vs. red…well you know all those reports that say that red is the color of winners 🙂

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