twas a sad day for the department

so yesterday morning, we got an email from our boss…the news she told was something i was surprised to hear, but at the same time, not at all surprised-one of the other people in our group had submitted his resignation. (this is the miami one, my good pal.) was a very sad day for our department-we really lost someone valuable, IMHO. someone who will be very tough to replace-professionally and personally. and I can’t say I blame him one bit for his decision.

and unfortunately, that wasn’t even the worst part of the day for me…just had the day from hell at work…discovered a mistake on one of my jobs that i had to do some damage control on, not to mention annoying clients who need things ASAP and just will not let up with the requests and think things just happen with another push of the button. (plus other stuff going on, which i’m not mentioning on here…) could not wait for the day to be over…the week to be over. something’s really gotta give…

made a last-minute decision to do my last long run before Queens last nite instead of this weekend, as the weather report looked to be a washout. Perfect nite for it…10 miles-done and done. 7 Flyer sightings during that time too. 🙂 So far the weather report for next Saturday looks very good…hopefully won’t change too much between now and then…

Also, a shoe update…I’ve done 4 runs in the Cumuluses so far (including yesterday’s 10-miler.) I like the feel of them…feels more cushy and bouncy than some of my recent shoes have. But not too heavy or clunky or like too much shoe. Seem to work fine with the orthotics. I think I will take a chance and use them for the half…but I’m not gonna go as far yet as to say they are my perfect shoes. Ask me again after another hundred or so miles 🙂

now playing: “desert rose (remix)” ~ sting


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