Top Ten Reasons to sign-up for this year’s JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge

Got the email today from our company captain (I passed the baton for this year)…was amusing, figured i’d share 🙂

10- You get to run/walk through scenic Central Park while hundreds of spectators cheer you on.
9- This year is the 30th year the race has taken place.
8- Free stuff- Not one, but two free t-shirts, plus- a goody bag at the end of the race.
7- You don’t have to run, thousands of people choose to walk the 3.5 miles
6- A marathon is too long, or… good training for a marathon!
5- You can help make up for our pitiful turnout last year, only 5 people participated!
4- 15,000 people run in this race, don’t you want to be one of them?
3- Proceeds from the entry fee go to non-profit organizations throughout the city
2- It’s a great way to get in shape for bathing suit season!
1- Exercise is good for you 🙂

I’m still not convinced though. 2 years of packed races and Corporate Challenge and Run Hit Wonders have sorta scared me off from events where the number of registered runners is in the 5-figure range.

I’ll think about it. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons to sign-up for this year’s JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge

  1. Yes, but think of it as good prep for NYC and the crowds cheering you all the way..And think of bathing suit time 🙂

  2. I did that race twice in London, and to say it was packed is a massive understatement. I would have to think hard if I wanted to feel like a sardine again (but, in the end I would probably do it).

  3. This will be my one race amongst the masses for the year. At least I get a free dinner and drinks out of it=)

  4. So many people register that they’re running the race on two nights – Wed and Thurs. My company is running on Thurs. and I’ll be joining them. Plus we’re having a post race party on the Arsenal Roof! If anyone wants me to sneak them up, let me know.

  5. actually, they used to have 3 NYC races…one in May, one in June, one in July. Then it got knocked down to 2, one early June, one late June, then last year they had 2 in one week, like this year’s format. (I’m sure the parks department may have had something to do with that…but dont quote me on it.) I’m not sure I like that, it’s better to have a little variety in case one particular week is not good for a company (case in point was ours, a coupla years ago we had a conflict with one of the dates due to a company-wide sales meeting being that week, luckily there was another race a different week.)And I’m still on the fence. Not convinced yet 🙂

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