fighting for fifteen

Fifteen. Fifteen miles. Longest run since last summer (when training for NYCM and I hit the wall after 14 and had to walk the last mile.) I did it yesterday, but it wasn’t pretty. I really had to fight for this one.

So when armed with two choices (after sleeping til 11 AM of course,) either do the 15 yesterday with temps in the mid-high 70s or today with predicted temps 10 degrees cooler, do I always do the smart thing? Jury’s still out on that. But actually, I did feel like I needed a day of heat acclimation in case Queens falls on a warm day.

So, the plan was to do a lower 5.1 loop, a 2.5 mile bridle path loop-both counterclockwise, then repeat, clockwise. So I set off, making sure to stop for water when I needed it, trying as hard as possible to not go out too fast…first loop turned out fine, then hit the bridle path…which I think the distance is actually a little more than 2.5 miles because I know I slowed down a little bit, but I don’t think I was running 10-minute miles…

The second lower 5.1 loop…here’s where I really had to fight. Felt a little shakiness between Engineer’s Gate and the Boathouse…even after stopping for gel at the Boathouse (around 10 miles for me, I think?) the shakiness didn’t go away…it was exactly what had happened last time I attempted 15!! But 10-11 miles is a little soon to be feeling like that…but I somehow made it around the southern end of the park and up to 72nd street and got a bottle of Gatorade from one of the vendors and downed it in seconds. That seemed to be what I needed, as I was able to finish the park loop and though tempted to just do the rez instead of the bridle path, did the bridle path loop, 30 seconds faster than the first one.

The stats:
1st lower 5.1 mile loop-46:38
1st bridle path (2.5?) loop-25:01
2nd lower 5.1 mile loop-49:50
2nd bridle path (2.5?) loop-24:26
Flyer sightings (either talking to or seeing in passing)-4

(that .1 always seems to throw me when calculating pace…i was shooting for a 9:30 pace, that first loop was closer to 9:00. oops. and the Flyer count is because even on a solo run, I always see at least one of em 🙂 )

So what did I learn? Well first off, even though apple-cinnamon Carb-boom is probably one of the best tasting gel flavors ever, it won’t cut it in the heat when I need more electrolytes-i’m gonna need to stick with my Mountain Rush flavor e-gels (those are pretty good too-like sour candy.) And matzah is probably not as good as a carbo-loading source than pasta. And if it’s a warm day on April 29th, forget it. (Please weather gods, make sure it’s in the fifties that day…) I think I’m hot-blooded…

On the bright side-at least I got some color on this ghost-white bod of mine. I think my shoulders turned about as red as the top I was wearing yesterday 🙂

one final note-good luck to those running Boston tomorrow-looks like the weather gods are smilin’ on you guys for the first time in…3-4 years? (and i think a lot of peeps here will not be getting much work done in the afternoon since they will be busy tracking athletes 🙂 )

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12 thoughts on “fighting for fifteen

  1. Well, sounds like you struggled a bit; that’s what training is for, right? but the weather was nice.Do you run w/ fluid and fuel, or just stop and get these as needed? I count on it taking a half-hour for gel to help me any, so I take a swallow every three miles or so, I’ll carry it with me if I have to. I’ve never run the bridal path; is it hard on the ankles, being dirt?

  2. These are absolutely the runs that make you stronger. Anyone can run in the perfect weather…but I find the tougher conditions will work in your favor in the end. I look back to last year during my marathon training and the long run I did on the hottest day of the summer….just makes you that much tougher.Anyhow, the bridle path is indeed 2.5 miles..if you’re speaking of the one that goes around 102nd street and down to ~84th street (yes the distance is off a bit on this but its hard to control the bends and curves:)).

  3. i like your blog… it has alot of personality and being a catholic upstate runner it is a breathe of different air…I recently finished a 20k and working towards a second marathon in May, I’m digging the Clif Shot Blocks… i’d read about them a few months ago and have been using them on my last few long runs…keep on runnin’!My Runner’s Feet

  4. Running long is an acquired art. The first run is brutal, the next one is much easier, and soon you’ll fly through your 20 milers ;-)You did well to push through and finish the run. Well Done!

  5. Long runs on hot days… Augh, I feel your pain. It reminds & inspires me to get out there and get in some longer runs too.Congrats on pushing thru. It will indeed make you stronger and build your endurance.

  6. I feel your pain, carb-loading on matzah…3 more days!! =) Congrats on the 15 mi run though, you toughed it out!

  7. once upon a time (2 years ago) i loved running in 70-degree weather, i really did! ah, how young and naive I was back then…brooklyn-on long runs i carry gel with me…usually i get water from the fountains in central park (i’ll carry a bottle in the fountain-off season)…usually dont carry sports drink with me but im thinking im gonna need to in the summer-for whatever reason, i’ve become less tolerant of the heat (may explain the shorts in brooklyn)uptown girl-are you referring to that weekend in mid-august? where it was like 100 degrees? i remember hitting the pool that day and hoping that my teammates that were doing a long trail run were ok…and yes, that is the bridle path i was referring to. oh darn, i was hoping it was actually 2.6 miles, or even 2.55 miles! :-Djean-paul-thanks for stopping by! an upstater, I see…i havent been upstate since my college days 😀 i’ve heard good things about the Clif Shot Blocks, might need to give them a try…but they look more like candy than energy food :-Dthomas and josh-thanks, i’m glad i sucked it up and did it, hopefully it will mean 13.1 wont seem as bad (as long as the weather cooperates…) oh, and thanks to my teammate too who suggested i up the mileage of the long runs ;)yy-im about ready to puke matzah at this point :-p it’s over for me after 12 noon on thursday! (unless i break it by drinking beer like i did the last 2 years!)

  8. Late to read about your long run in the sun. What makes it tougher is it’s the first of the year. I always struggle when the temps leap and I take my first run in heat for the year. We get conditioned to running in long sleeves and gloves, then all of a sudden – SAUNA.Hey, I tried out that face recognition site, first go I came up as Kevin Costner, tried another picture and they had me like Susan Sarandon, ummmmmmmmm!!!!!! KC I can deal with, pretty cool really, not so sure about SS, must be my wonderful complexion 🙂

  9. Yep, it was the 99 degree day in the middle of August! We ran at 7am and it was 85 degrees at that point…yuck yuck yuck.

  10. “We get conditioned to running in long sleeves and gloves, then all of a sudden – SAUNA.”that’s what it was like in NYC last year…long winter, very brief spring (the last week in May was abnormally cold and rainy)-then summer hit us out of nowhere-the result was me having to walk in the second half of an early June 10K! always a tough transition.

  11. Just noticed that you need to change your sidebar description. At 15 miles, there’s no denying that you are officially back from injury!!!You’re going to have a great Queens Half. Best of luck!

  12. good catch…it’s now fixed ;-)as for queens, just pray that it’s 50s and overcast that day 🙂

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