so wicked

During the reading of the Haggadah before the festive meal of the Passover seder, there comes a part about the four sons-one wise, one wicked, one simple, and one who “hath no capacity to inquire.” I don’t know how this came about, but me, my brother, and our 2 cousins kinda established our roles years ago and it stuck…my 1 cousin (the one of Gawker fame, actually) was the wise son, I was the wicked son, my brother was the simple son, and my other cousin the one with no capacity. I don’t know how I got the wicked one…typecasting? I don’t think so 😉

Another year, another seder. Dad played rabbi and did the über-abbreviated version, as usual, my mom took sips of wine when she wasn’t supposed to (again, she is never allowed to lecture me on drinking again, she knows where I get it from now) Usual Yankee/Met trash talking in little small, but yeah thats meaddition to other squawking-i mean conversation, usual excess indulgence in food and drink, now the easy part of Passover is over, now just gotta abstain from bread and the like for another 6 days. I’ve broken Passover with 2 days to go the last 2 years…

Oh and Brightroom did not like me this last weekend. It was so damn crowded when I crossed the finish line at the Labrecque 4-miler that there were no identifiable finish line or running pictures of me. However, after a little searching, I found this picture of me running in the background of someone else’s picture. Break out the magnifying glasses for this one 🙂

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2 thoughts on “so wicked

  1. Oh bummer…I was totally counting on brightroom so I could check out the running skirt in action. They only caught one of me this time too, so yeah, either it was really, really crowded or maybe they had fewer photographers than usual this time.

  2. i know when i finished-there was like a wall of people in front of me, i was lucky i was even able to run through the second mat-so i’m just blaming it on the crowds 🙂 i too, was curious to see what the skirt actually looked like in action! maybe i’ll wear it again at a future race like the Mini or Club Champs :)(i’m sure a certain other reader of mine was even more disappointed…haha)

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