the shoe search continues…

didn’t know what to title this blog post at first!! at first i thought “ugly shoes” but nixed it…didn’t sound too nice.

so anyway, last nite the Flyers had a special shopping night at Jackrabbit Sports in Union Square…which included us getting a nice discount on purchases that nite. since i had help set the event up, i had to be there to oversee things, and felt it didn’t hurt to get re-analyzed. especially since now i’m not too sure if the Brooks are my perfect shoe. after seeing that there was no gait difference between stability shoes and motion-control shoes (and I wear orthotics too) I was even more puzzled. finally, the person who was helping me asked if they had ever put me in a neutral shoe to test-they hadn’t. so i tried out 2 brands…the Asics Gel-Cumulus 7 and the Brooks Glycerin 4 with my orthotics in them. Surprise of surprises-my gait still looked fine, no pronation!! Hmmm! I had been wearing the Asics Nimbus 7’s (and the 6’s before that) before I was injured-which I did like (but felt like was a little too much shoe…and I was told by a salesperson at Urbaasics gel-cumulus 7n Athletics that the Cumulus was the “poor man’s Nimbus”) but was lacking arch support then, which I do have now with the orthotics. So I’ll decided to try the Cumluses…we’ll see. (and with the discount, also picked up a new pair of sport sunglasses…needed to replace the crapola ones I wore at the Bronx half last year.)

The catch!! Though I know you don’t buy running shoes for looks, I’ve been lucky so far that any running shoes I’ve worn have been very appealing to the eye as well. But these…oh man, orange is NOT my color!!! Well maybe this is a sign…the shoe that looked least likely may actually be the one that’s most likely? Hopefully?

After all…like men, how many more running shoes are there left for me to try?


12 thoughts on “the shoe search continues…

  1. I love the orange. It’s very summery.

  2. I never used to like orange, but now it’s my favorite color. Go figure.

  3. As a guy, I have never bothered about what my shoes look like. Come to think about it, it’s the same with my women. It’s what’s on the inside that counts……

  4. Orange is OK – think Dutch! Think ING NYC marathon! Think Mets! oops never mind

  5. The least stylish shoes are often the most useful ones. Seems to be a law of nature, or something.

  6. well those of you who know me IRL-know i sorta lean towards “cooler” colors-greens, blues, purples. (though I did like the red/white/black color combo even before I became a Flyer!)and as madame points out-orange seems to be associated with teams I don’t like :-Dlike i said before, i know you don’t buy running shoes for looks, but I was just lucky before!! we’ll see how these work out (now i just need a dry day to try them out on!)

  7. Running shoes are a never ending saga…there are always more to try on;-)As per orange, my cycling shoes are orange:)

  8. I can’t stand the way most running shoes look (and I’m a guy too). Too many bizarre designs and ugly colour combinations. The day that someone releases a very nice, simple looking black and white shoe that fits me, I’ll be a happy runner. And why are there no black running shoes anyway? Isn’t that colour supposed to never go out of style?Glad your shopping was successful!!Unfortunately, 20% off couldn’t drag me away from the beautiful weather and great company at the group run.

  9. All teams that wear orange are great. Well, except for the Knicks.

  10. OMG – orange alert!I forgot about a few of them teams.(Syracuse, and all…)

  11. Don’t forget the Mighty Texas Longhorns – Burnt Orange baby! You can never have too much orange.Hook ’em Horns!

  12. LMAO!!these comments are cracking me up. thanks everyone :)oh jesse…how *did* i know this discussion would bring you out of hiding (though i actually consider a certain team blue now, not orange!)skylight-the Asics 2110s actually do come in black! i dont think i’ve ever seen them in the stores…only online. i’m actually not too crazy about the appearance…check it out here as for the shopping being successful-well i haven’t tried the shoes yet, but i wore my sunglasses at night (cue the 80s song)

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