it’s a small world

ya know, in the midst of all this race time and training and marathon brouhaha, i sometimes forget that one of the reasons why i started running, and joined NYRR and the Flyers was pretty much to meet people and make a very big city a little smaller for me. I was reminded of this today at the Labrecque 4-miler. (good race-one i’ve wanted to do simply for the cause-lung cancer, as my maternal grandfather died from it when i was 3. but i was out of town the last 2 years on the weekend of this race.)

so, this morning was a wee bit nipply-more than I wanted an April morning to be!! No singlet weather for me (at least not without a long-sleeve underneath) but I decided to wear the skirt. Jogged to the start, dropped off my baggage…and that would begin me seemingly running into *everyone* i know…excuse the pun. see one teammate at baggage and we walk over to the start…and when we part ways i run into another teammate…and another! and during the race, i see Sempre Libera cheering for the runners-thanks so much, really appreciated the “go flyers!” and throughout the race, whether i was passing other Flyers…or other Flyers were passing me (more of the latter)…words of enouragement were offered between heavy breathing. Then afterwards, while walking to baggage, I see Uptown Girl and said hi-and congrats on your PR!! I caught up with some of the Flyers and we were just hanging around for awhile, chatting and taking pics…includes fellow blogger jbl and new blogger Sara (welcome to the dark side!! hahahaha) And during that time, who do I see next? Phil! we chatted for a few minutes-congrats to you on your first NYRR race! Shortly after he left, then I saw Danny. We talked about how we both just cannot wait for Passover…not!! Eventually I had to get going, as I had a Flyer exec board meeting to get to, which actually was less painful then expected and actually pretty productive. And as planned, I added on another 7 slow miles in the afternoon…and see another coupla Flyers running as well.

(also after the race i saw the infamous “rock and roll loser” that i have made reference to before. why, in these extremely crowded races, i always run into those that I don’t want to run into? also, i did see someone else that…i kinda did want to see but kinda didn’t want to. that person didn’t see me though.)
after the race
oh yeah, the race. not much really to tell. i don’t know why i even bothered keeping splits, but here they are-8:43/7:55/8:52/7:19-total 32:49, 8:12 pace. yeah, mile 1 was way long, mile 4 was way short, who the hell knows if 2 and 3 were right-hell, who knows if the distance was right? (they changed the start from on the 72nd street transverse to onto east drive but never adjusted the mile markers.) i know that it takes a lot of work to put on these races and that everything can’t be perfect, but still…having the markers off kinda throws me off a little. plus my shins were hurting, again so i pulled back in the second half (why, oh why, can my legs feel great and do well in a speed workout, yet they can never get their shit together on race day?) so, i’ll take it for what it is…4 miles in the bank for my real race in 3 weeks…whatever. (though i’m getting tired of “taking it for what it is.”)

oh and as for the skirt-i wore it and it looked pretty good, but i don’t think i’ll race in it again-just save it for training runs. (pic posted due to popular request. maybe brightroom will have gotten pics of me actually running in it…)

now playing: “hips don’t lie” ~ shakira/wyclef jean


6 thoughts on “it’s a small world

  1. Thanks! I had so much fun today and will certainly be back for more!

  2. Oh I’m glad you spotted sempre libera…gotta love the pom poms!Good to see you after the race and thanks for the props!

  3. Nice to see the skirt, but better to see a reasonable run with sore shins and a cold day. Hope you don’t mind if I link your blog from my new one, not that my traffic is huge yet!

  4. Glad to share the pom-pom love 🙂

  5. hey social butterfly! thanks for linking me….you may be starting a trend with the running skirts, we’ll see.

  6. what do you mean starting, girlie…that’s past tense, i started the trend last year!! 🙂 (i figured if i had to be sidelined and play team cheerleader/photographer, i might as well try and make the most of it…) i think mr. president likey the skirts a lot too, after all, the first lady has one too :)everyone else-thanks!! 🙂

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