skirt mail call!

i had a nice surprise in my mailbox when i got home yesterday, my SkirtSports running skirts had arrived!! i couldn’t wait to try them on…

and since i promised a review, here it is.

both styles looked great out of the envelope…the all-black color looked very sleek and the material was very nice too-kinda silky. in terms of sizing-i had gotten a medium in both, since with my New Balance skirt-i have a small and a medium in that, the small fits but the medium fits a little better.

first I tried on the MarathonGirl…was quite short-maybe a teensy bit shorter than my NB one?-looked cute but the “spankies” underneath (which are kinds like the liners in running shorts-except more fitted) did not cover quite enough…there’s no way i’d feel comfortable running in this. i know the website says that the black skirt runs small, but still… (is the assumption that all girls that run marathons have no backside to speak of? :-p ) this one will be going back.

next, tried on the GymGirl…much, much better!! length was perfect, shorts underneath fit well, looked very cute with covering just enough. plus, it goes perfectly with my Flyer singlet-i think i may actually wear this skirt to my race on Sunday…if so, i can give a first run report then 🙂

so there you have it, ladies (and any interested gents.) what to wear, and what not to wear.


10 thoughts on “skirt mail call!

  1. Is the gymgirl skirt the one with the iPod pocket? That is too cool.

  2. I’m ALL for these. Thanks for encouraging the ladies. Makes our job much easier. 😉

  3. but i think you should reconsider that one you are sending back. I don’t even live there. I need help. 🙂

  4. Liek Mark, I can assure you that us guys are all very interested, even if some of us might not admit it.

  5. Hey fly girl! I put you on my links list….but yell at me and I will take you off. …as I do avoid stalkers at all costs!”I wanna be running when the sand runs out”

  6. Lads, I can report to you that I’ve been doing my best to get Flygirl to post some modeling photos of said skirts (well, at least the “Gymgirl”). No luck yet, obv., but I’m not giving up.

  7. patience is a virtue…

  8. you da man, Derek.

  9. hey, come over to my blog. i’ve got a post related to this one.

  10. The skirts look great! I just bought the New Balance skirt in black. If I like it I may be the one on

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