didn’t the weather gods get the memo?

ok, it’s april 5th. it should be well into spring. the water fountains in Central Park should be close to being turned back on, i should be utilizing my warm-weather wardrobe to the fullest extent.

why, for the love of god, was it snowing on april 5th? yep, it sure was around 11-11:30 this morning. and not like “light flurries,” i mean actual heavy snow.

my colleague in miami didn’t believe me at first. so i was forced to take a short video with my cameraphone and send it to him.

and now, not only has it stopped snowing out, it’s sunny-like nothing had happened!!

c’mon weather gods…make up your mind already. no more teasers of spring, we like consistency!


5 thoughts on “didn’t the weather gods get the memo?

  1. Precisely what I was thinking yesterday when snowflakes started drifting down! Yet, today was lovely and sunny… like nothing happened. Did I miss summer?

  2. wasn’t that crazy??(by the way, i was upset i didn’t have my camera on me!)

  3. Well – the NJ marathon is coming up, which means we should be hitting 80 one of these days soon.

  4. the water fountains are back on!

  5. i know the one at engineer’s gate is back on…but are all the others back on as well?

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