just ran a 5k

well not really.

but at speedwork tonite we just did 5 x 1k repeats, so unofficially that was a 5k :-p

the first, third and fifth repeats were net uphill, the second and fourth net downhill. quite windy out as well.

splits: 4:36/4:32/4:52/4:33/4:51 (slowest being a 7:49 pace, fastest being a 7:17 pace)

i rabbited the first one, i guess…and i need to work on the hills a bit, obviously…


4 thoughts on “just ran a 5k

  1. Hi there, new reader and blogger dropping by. Loved the 5K “race”, I’ll be doing the same this lunchtime on the treadmill prepping for a 4 Mile Track Handicap Race tomorrow, followed by a 10K Race on Sunday.Enjoy reading your ramblings, and looking forward to being in New York in November (The week after the marathon – Long story!).

  2. Just curious but which portion of the park did you use for your 1k intervals?

  3. That’s a pretty sweet pace, especially with the wind. A couple of times during the run last night we got hit with a big gust and I remember thinking, “Well, this is not helping.”

  4. liam-thanks for stopping by…good luck on your 10k this weekend!uptown girl-we used the east drive…102nd to about 93rd, i think? then back north, back south, and so on…it was tough!! we were told we should be going so hard that “no talking, no breathing.” the no talking part was true, but there was definitely a lot of heavy breathing!!jay-ugh, i know, i felt the wind pulling me back on several instances. brought back memories of the vegas half 🙂

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