the skirt is back

in celebration of today’s loverly spring weather, i took my New Balance running skirt pictured here out of winter hibernation for tonite’s group run. i think i had only worn it running once-as i had first gotten it just as i was sidelined, and then it got too cold to wear it. but it got good mileage when i was playing Flyer cheerleader 🙂 anyway, it’s just as fun to run in as it is to wear not running.

as a little gift to myself, i decided to get one of the SkirtSports skirts-since I didn’t have the luxury of trying them on, I decided to get one of each style-the GymGirl and the MarathonGirl-and just return the style I don’t like (I got the all-black one-figured that would coordinate best!) they’re due to ship Saturday, hopefully I will get next week (and of course will post a review)

today was a fun, easy 6 mile loop with the Flyers. then after the run, we ran into a bunch of other Flyers finishing doing speedwork, others finishing their own runs and chatted for a bit…that’s one great thing about the nicer temps, no rush to get inside!!

so, the weekend long run plan will be 13…since Saturday looks to be rainy, an idea I had was possibly to do a loop before the Scotland Run on Sunday and then bandit that…or run in the other direction to cheer the others on… But this is all providing I wake up in time, especially after having to lose an hour sleep due to “springing forward…” I also have the option of the afternoon since Sunday looks to have nice weather as well…decisions, decisions.

(btw-the song i’m currently listening to is awesome…i heard it in spin class the other day and had to download it…it’s definitely going on my mix for the queens half. 9 1/2 minutes, but worth it!)

now playing: “estoy aquí (extended club mix)” ~ shakira


3 thoughts on “the skirt is back

  1. I’m going to have to try one of those skirts. I’ve heard great things about them. I’m not that girlie though, even though I think I am, so I wonder if I would wear it.

  2. I forgot to add, can you give us a review, so we know which ones are good or not. The one with the ipod pocket looks awesome

  3. Woohoo, the good times for the guys have returned.I’m not sure about the spin on the web page for the marathon girl one: Run for hours in your MarathonGirl and still manage to look fresh. Hmm. Not convinced. Nice look though.

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