“i’m gonna go take out some anger on Central Park’s lower loop,” I IM to Derek before leaving the office today.

yeah, when you find out something that leaves you absolutely fuming, you just want to run hard and harder. luckily for me, tonite was speedwork. this night’s workout was 2 lower (1.7 mile) loops at tempo pace. normally i can’t stand tempo runs but it was just the ticket tonite.

first loop, settled into a pace that i guess felt like it was supposed to be between my 10k and half-marathon pace (or anyway, that’s what it was supposed to have been.) in this pace group, only 1 teammate was ahead of me but I kept her in my sights the entire time…but I got passed by a coupla others near the end. resisted the temptation to speed up, knowing i had one more loop to go…finished the first loop in 13:09.

after 2 minutes rest, we set off again…but this time i took a decisive lead and didn’t look back. i picked up the pace a little more by the end…and this loop was 13:10! considering this loop was on more tired legs than the first, i dont mind a 1 second positive split at all, especially since the others really slowed down on the second loop.

last time i did this workout (a little over a year ago) my time on the second loop was about 25 seconds slower. so considering how even the splits were today, i think i can chalk this workout up as a success. let’s see how this can play out at the Labrecque 4-miler.

and the next thing i’m channeling my anger into…i’m gonna show everyone who the real Queen is. i’ve got a plan (with the help of my commenters-thanks!) now i just got to make it happen-and not leave the tiara at home on race day. 🙂

now playing: “someday” ~ mariah carey


2 thoughts on “channeling

  1. Great Blog NYFLYGIRL! I really enjoyed browsing it.Gary from TX

  2. Long live the Queen!

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