i was due for a running stumblef*ck sometime. i knew i got off too easy on the brooklyn boardwalk… πŸ™‚

in need of a “cutback” long run this weekend, i joined a bunch of Flyers who regularly run in Van Cortlandt Park this morning for a 9-mile loop. my teammate who coordinates these weekend runs raves about how the surface of the trails is so much better for your legs, and this particular 9-mile loop is pretty flat with the exception of one hill…ok, i was sold. and the distance was just what i needed this weekend.

while he was right about the forgiving surface, what i realized was that it was an obstacle course of sorts-i really had to watch my footing-even more so than on the Central Park bridle path! with a couple miles to go, i finally tripped over a rock and went down. luckily, nothing was bruised (except my ego) or bleeding, wasn’t hurt…just a little shaken (not stirred), and a very cool teammate of mine took care of me for the remainder of the run…thanks! πŸ˜‰

i think i’ll be doing my 11-12 miler next weekend in Central Park πŸ™‚ but this was a change of pace, being done with my long run earlier than I’ve been waking up on most Saturdays πŸ™‚

speaking of pre-Queens long runs, this looks to be how i think they will go…

weekend of 4/1-2: 11-12 miles (maybe a loop before the Scotland 10K and then bandit that? all depending on what the weather forecast is…)
weekend of 4/8-9: Labrecque 4-miler on Sunday, followed with an additional ΓΌber-easy 4-5 later that day (can’t add on to the race due to a commitment I have immediately following the race)
weekend of 4/16-17: 12 miles-we’ll see how I do carbo-loading on matzah πŸ™‚
weekend of 4/22-23: 8-10 miles? would 10 be too much the week before?

that’s the plan. now all i have to do is make it happen. easier said than done, as usual πŸ™‚

good luck to all running the More Marathon and Half-Marathon tomorrow-I’ll be volunteering at one of the water stops with a bunch of other Flyers.

finally, i leave you with a very amusing quote…we had a sub last nite for spin class-one that was a total freak (hey, i can say it because he even admitted it) and anyway…this quote is classic:
“remember-if you’re not watching your butt, no one else will!”
i had a tough time keeping a straight face for those 45 minutes πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “trippin’

  1. Raise the mileage of those long runs! You already did thirteen at Brooklyn, so why are you backing off to 11-12 miles? Since this was a lower mileage long run week, why not have your next few weeks go something like this: 13, 11, 14, 9-10, and then Qns 13.1?You’d certainly be headed into the half more prepared for a good PR,and at your current fitness level you can definitely handle the increase.Glad we didn’t lose you on the rocks this morning!

  2. Hey! I was in VCP today too! (at the stable) – we could have been the transport vehicle if you really got hurt. I was thinking of you guys.

  3. what about 14, 10, 16, 8, and then Qns 13.1?

  4. i think what anonymous is saying does make a little more sense in mileage (derek-i think 16 may be a little much for me at this point-i’m still a little nervous of over-doing it.) looking back to my running logs before the ’04 Manhattan half (my first half) I did have a 13 and 14 under my belt and I was actually pretty happy with my result. I’m really not expecting to PR in Queens-I think 1:43 is a huge long shot-i’d be happy with 1:49 and even happier with a course PR. but i’ll take a better race than brooklyn at this point…The Labrecque is sorta throwing things off a little bit, as I really want to race that one on fresh legs (meaning rest on Saturday too,) so hopefully as long as I get more mileage in later in the day I should be fine…madame-yep, i know you guys were there, but i think we would have been long-gone by that time. hope you all had fun!

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