no sleep til brooklyn

you knew someone was gonna have a blog post with that title, right? me first πŸ™‚

yeah, tomorrow is the Brooklyn Half-Marathon. considering the ungodly hour i’m gonna have to wake up (bus @ 5:45 am!) it really feels like it will be “no sleep til Brooklyn.”

this was a pretty light running week for me…spinning classes Monday and Wednesday…meant to run yesterday morning but couldn’t wake up 😦 Tuesday night was speedwork…we got cut a little bit of a break as the workout was 5 x 800 at half-marathon pace. all of mine were in between 3:46 and 3:55…oops. didn’t feel hard though, which makes me believe it was less than 800 meters that we ran…

carbo-loaded a bit last nite…a bunch of us had a very nice dinner at Tony’s DiNapoli on the UES…good food and quite a bit of wine too πŸ™‚

as for Brooklyn…as previously mentioned, i’m not taking this one ΓΌber-seriously, pretty much only an excuse to do a long run outside of Central Park, as Queens is my goal half (later in the year, more time to prepare, I like that course better.) you *know* i’m sorta being lax about this one when i care more about being able to wear a cuter running outfit (please let it be shorts weather!) then I do about my time πŸ™‚ so whatever happens, happens…my plan is to just run steady on the flats, then try and pick it up in the park…a “progression” run of sorts. and to listen to some great music πŸ™‚ and basically, to try and have a better experience than last year’s race. good luck to everyone else who’s running too!!

non-running note…i sorta made an important decision about something this week…not gonna post any details now, but i’m just hoping if all goes well, there will be good news in the next month or 2… (if anyone who knows me “off the blog” really wants to know, you can ask me in person/via email/however else…)


8 thoughts on “no sleep til brooklyn

  1. Good luck girly! Nessun Dorma! Wow I am out of the loop, I completly forgot Bklyn. But I can do 50 meters butterfly , does that count? If in doubt, flash those legs! And I demand to know this new development, except I think you gave us a hint last night.

  2. Good luck. Have a great run.

  3. See you out there!

  4. What? Ungodly hour? I’m already awake an hour and on my way to catch the train by that time!. And Saturdays, I’m already warmed up and out the door for my long run πŸ˜‰

  5. Have fun out there….and I’m sure i’ll see ya out there.And *groan* I knew someone would utilize that line…ha!

  6. madame-thats 50 meters more butterfly than i can do, so as far as i am concerned, you kick some a$$ there. as for the new development-you may have heard me talking to JE and/or SBW about it last nite (thanks again, BTW!! was a great time)jkrunning-thanks!jack-5:45 isnt the ungodly hour (i used to be a 6am runner once in my lifetime!) it’s just i gotta get up so much earlier and prep…plus i’ll admit i’ve been quite lazy (or is that relaxed?) on the weekends as of late :)sempre libera and uptown girl-good luck to you both and to your team too!

  7. may you have wings on your feet! see you in the park, i guess.

  8. Hey – you should be excited about the Brooklyn Half. It’s the only point to point race outside the marathon. Where else do you start a race by the ocean?

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