running in circles

So ironic. Friday, the first nice, springlike day of ’06…I’m scheduled to run inside!!

In a change of pace, Friday night, the Flyers took on Chelsea Piers for a fun, informal track meet with their running club. Basically, it was a chance for the track fans to try out a different location, those who have never tried track to get their feet wet, and those inbetween to just have a good time.
a little dark, but me clearly in pain running the 400m
I’ll be honest-I’m not a sprinter. I ran the 5th Avenue Mile in ’04 just to get a mile time on the books, and while very pleased with my time, it definitely hurt. I appreciated 10K’s and half-marathons much more afterwards-gotta love pacing yourself. So, I was more there to support the team and did just the 400m race and a 200m leg of a relay and even then didn’t go all out. (my reasoning for the shorter intervals-wanted to lessen the duration of the agony!) Our assistant coach was quite brave-he raced the mile, the 800m, the 400m and a relay leg!!

So the meet moved and ended pretty quick, so a bunch of us just looked around the place (gorgeous gym/sports complex, but very very pricey!!) until it was time to head to Chelsea Brewing Company for a pint (or 2, or 3…) Not surprisingly, the post-meet drinks lasted longer than the actual meet did. 🙂


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