long overdue

posing for posterity before the raceAlright. Those of you who put up with my bitching and moaning about the Snowflake 4-miler…and I thank those of you who did :)…rest assured this report won’t be anything like that. If anything, it’s a complete 180.

So today was the Colon Cancer 15K. Wasn’t guaranteed anything except for an automatic PR (I’ve never run a 15K before. The one time last year I was supposed to, I had to bail due to extreme hangover.) Basically, it was just an excuse to get a 9.32 mile run in, but secretly hoping for a better race than the Snowflake. And also to try out the new shoes for a longer run. After the gorgeous weather the last 2 days, unfortunately I awoke to rain this morning. The actual temps were nice though-borderline singlet weather! But decided to be safe and wear shorts and team long-sleeve shirt (and lots of BodyGlide.)

So, the usual pre-race routine…jog to the start-and this time I was able to get more stretching in, so I felt much better than I did at the beginning of the Snowflake…and chat with a few teammates while waiting for the starting gun. The rain the entire time would let up at some parts, but come down harder at other parts, but still not overly bad. OK, so the weather gods didn’t cut me a break…but the running gods definitely did.

Mile 1-across the 72nd street transverse then up the West Drive incline til somewhere in the early 80s? This mile was 8:25-why did that feel easy? hmmmm…
Mile 2-through the west side hills, to around west 96th? 8:17-OK, this was a more downhill mile than the last. But still faster than I expected, am I gonna pay for this at the end?
Mile 3-across the 102nd street transverse to around Engineer’s Gate. Eased off a little here, that was 8:41. Plus this mile is always a tough one, for some reason when going clockwise. Saw our assistant coach here cheering for us-thanks! 🙂
Mile 4-this mile included Cat Hill downhill and I used that to the fullest extent-8:10. Boy did those 4 miles fly by.
Mile 5 was almost the same as the first mile, but we got the bottom part of Cat Hill in this mile-this was 8:34.
Mile 6 same as mile 2, and this one came in better than last time at 8:10. I did some quick on-the-fly calculations…even though I had music to listen to for an hour and a half, could I have a shot at breaking 1:20?
Mile 7 same as mile 3…passed a teammate here who passed me in the early going, and I didn’t look back. Another one better than the last loop-8:31. Assistant coach still out there cheering for us in the rain. Boy he’s a trooper 🙂
Mile 8-knowing I only had less than a 5K left to go and the hardest part was behind me, kicked it up a notch. And I love Cat Hill downhill-clocked my fastest mile split of the race at 8:03.
Mile 9 continued past 72nd St, and around the bottom of the park. Not much further to go, just keep going-nabbed an 8:15 for this mile.
The last .32 of a mile was tougher-uphill finish to Tavern on the Green, those hills are always a bitch when you’re tired. But by that time I was thinking “la la la I’m gonna break 1:20” so i didn’t care. Saw a couple of my teammates cheering near the finish chute to help bring me in strong-that last split was 2:33 (a 7:58 pace)

Final stats-1:17:39, 8:20 pace. Nice first 15K time to put on the books.

I’m very happy with this time!! I knew I was long overdue for a good race and here I got it. And better yet, here are my 4-mile splits…

first 4-mile loop-33:33 (8:23 pace)
2nd 4-mile loop-33:18 (8:19 pace)
coupled with the last 1.32 miles…yeah, nice negative splits there.
Plus my pace in this race was faster than in the Snowflake-and this was over twice as long!!
And I didn’t feel at all like I left it all out there…like I could have easily kept it up for another few miles, meaning maybe…a sub 1:45 half may be too much to ask, but a sub-1:50 half…I think that may be in the cards this spring in Queens, especially since that course is easier than Central Park. And I’m liking those Brooks Adrenalines more and more each time I run in them.

So, I am running Brooklyn this Saturday-no time expectation but all I want to get out of it is a long run outside Central Park, to support the team at the points race and just a nice run to erase the ghosts of last year’s Brooklyn Half. Anything else is icing on the cake.

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10 thoughts on “long overdue

  1. Great race, and very well done on those splits. That’s a very good time, and you can be proud of yourself. Congratulations!

  2. Fantastic job! Negative splits are always a very good sign:) Running is so funny how you can be feeling like crap about it one minute…and then poof it can all change like that!I hope to follow your lead next week (as in a better race after a crappy one).

  3. Thanks very much to you both!!Uptown Girl-since it seems like the trend is to have a good race 2 weeks after the bad…looks like you’re due for it on Saturday 🙂 Just hope the weather forecast changes…looking quite chilly!!

  4. you did a track meet Friday, a 15K today and are going to do a half-marathon next weekend?? Yeep Lara. I think it’s great to run a lot, but be careful of racing a lot…

  5. But congrats on a good race and a PR

  6. well brooklyn was never my “goal race”…i’m gonna need to do a long run in prep for queens anyway…beats the hell outta doing 2 loops in central park.as for the “track meet,” see the previous post…2 intervals, not even at full speed. guess it was more like a mini-speedwork than anything else…i do hear what you’re saying though and i am taking a race hiatus after brooklyn…only things I have on tap for April are the Labrecque 4M and Queens. (and I refused to get sucked into doing the More half or paceleading…)

  7. Congrats on a great race!And how come you can post on blogger and I cant?

  8. Well, that all sounds great; glad you had such a great race and a PR to boot. I won’t be running Brooklyn half, but I do plan to go out and run 3 to 6 miles in the park and then cheer at the finish line for all the runners coming in. Good luck; I hope I see you there.

  9. madame-thanks-and you just did post on blogger 😉 c-ya later this week…really looking forward to it!!thanks to you too brooklyn-i’ll keep my eyes open for you near the finish line. i’m glad you had a good 4-miler (and i’m still not sure who the flyer was that you saw)just thinking, does a first attempt at a race distance really count as a PR?

  10. Sadly, in the newsletter last year, I weeded out first times at particular race distance when pulling results for the awards and pr’s page. It seemed to me that the first time at a distance established a basis for comparison; beating it would be a PR. That’s a very pedantic and picky way to look at it, though, and truthfully, I just wanted to make the layout look nice and standard.

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