assorted hump day thoughts

yep, another Wednesday, another hump day (ya know…Wednesday, the middle of the week, is the “hump” of the week.) Anyway, i’m borrowing the style of this post from a recent post of Derek’s. I feel like being sorta random today.

  • Rosa Mexicano had very good food/drink, but overpriced…the kinda place where you go to more for the “ambiance” than anything else. I had 2 of their pomagranate margaritas and honestly…I’ve had better margaritas, cheaper too. Also, that was the place I was referring to in this post (the restaurant that replaced an old happy hour haunt.)
  • Accidentally eating part of an über-hot pepper-not good. Downing a whole glass of water didn’t work. Apparently sucking on a lime neutralizes it. You learn something new every day. Also, in a rare moment, a colleague that is notorious for being obnoxious and having a sorta “brother-sister” relationship with me was actually nice for a change and helped me out. I’m never gonna let him forget that :-p
  • I love Flickr’s “liveblogging” feature. Pretty cool to do a blog post “on the fly.” tried it out last nite and it worked like a charm…
  • My ConEd bill is the lowest it’s been in a very very long time. Guess the work that had to be done to my place was worth it.
  • Why can’t I be more consistent with my running. I never know if it’s gonna be a good day or bad day. Monday’s run was absolutely atrocious, god bless jbl for keeping me company. This evening’s run was a total 180 from that. I go to such extremes. I still really like the Brooks though.
  • Why do guys give all the signs that they are interested and ask for your number when they never have any intention of using it?
  • The Bachelor keeps up its track record…did this surprise anyone at all? I say they should bring back Trish for a season of The Bachelorette to boost ratings (anyone remember her antics on Jesse Palmer’s season?)

now playing: “i begin to wonder” ~ dannii minogue


5 thoughts on “assorted hump day thoughts

  1. My Con Ed bill was significantly lower this month as well..but last month it was way higher. I guess it evens it out?And as for the Bachelor, since I’m in the world of Arch/Engineering, I heard that they are looking for an architect between 27-33 to be the next bachelor:p ha!

  2. well there was definitely a problem in my apartment. in keeping with “if it looks wrong, it is wrong…” i’m not talking as much about costs (since i know they can fluctuate, especially post-Katrina) but usage-you know something is wrong when your usage in heating season is more than double-maybe as much as triple-usage during air conditioning season! (and this summer was a scorcher.) took a lot of persistent complaining on my part to get it fixed. sometimes being an annoying nudge can work :)you gonna apply to be one of the bachelorettes if thats the case? sounds right up your alley… :-p

  3. Drinking a glass of milk also helps if you eat a too-hot chilly. Apparantly the stuff that makes it feel so hot is soluble in fat but not in water, which is why a glass of milk helps, and a gloss of water doesn’t.

  4. cottage cheese also helps with the too-hot-chilis. same idea as the milk, i suppose.

  5. unfortunately cottage cheese makes me gag so i dont think i’ll be trying jbl’s suggestion (but thx anyway)-i’ll keep Thomas’ in mind the next time though (hopefully there wont be a next time!)

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