just the right shoe…

closest match i could find to my black ninewest heelsWhat is it about the power of shoes? Sometimes they can make or break an outfit, but sometimes they can make or break you. The former being the 2 3/4″ black heels I mentioned wearing to Club Night. I remember the first time I wore them was to our company’s client party 2 years ago. I don’t know what it was about those shoes…but man, I just remember strutting around like I f*cking owned the place. And maybe…I did a little of that this latest time I wore them? 🙂

brooks adrenaline 6As for shoes that can break you-well you know my long saga about finding the right running shoes. That saga continued this weekend as I returned my Mizuno Wave Nirvanas and swapped them for a pair of Brooks Adrenalines. After looking at both side-by-side on the treadmill it looked like the Mizunos were actually a little too controlling. Hindsight-I probably should have known that, as the Nirvanas fall into the same category as the Asics Kayanos and Saucony Hurricanes-neither of those I liked. So…I tried out the new shoes for a loop of the park today and they felt great!! I think these will be keepers. At least til they come out with an upgrade! (BTW-PartyRunner, if you’re reading this, I thought about you and your whole Adrenaline dilemma-as these were the 6’s, so I hoped they’d work better for me than they did for you!!)

As usual, the weekend just went by way too quick. There was a going-away party at Phebe’s last night for a Flyer teammate who’s moving to Cali this month. That was a lot of fun, even the part where a few of us got lemons/limes thrown at us for loudly singing the song that I am currently listening to 🙂 But a little sad-I’ll miss her, though I know she’ll be back visiting NYC quite a bit.

weekend capped off with a (long) Flyer exec board meeting and semi-watching the Oscars. Man, the time away from the office seems to fly by. That’s ok…my co-worker pal from Miami will be in town this week!! I’m psyched-though we talk every day, he hasnt been to NYC in 2 years. This looks to be a pretty fun week…the resurrection of the “MS and Flygirl Show” (names changed to protect the innocent 🙂 )

now playing: “your love” ~ the outfield


2 thoughts on “just the right shoe…

  1. Welcome to the Brooks Adrenaline fold!

  2. thank you thank you!! do i get anything special for being a member of this club?(also-an FYI about JackRabbit-since these shoes were cheaper than the Mizunos, they only gave me a store credit. which is fine, i’m sure i’ll find something to spend it on!)btw, you weren’t the only flyer i encountered on yesterday’s run…i’ll give you a hint-if we’re talking numbers, i don’t mean six…or eight 😉

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