mizuno wave nirvana first run report

Well last nite, I took the new Wave Nirvanas out for a test run…5.5 miles (upper 5 loop+ .5 mile around the rez.) I really wanted to love these shoes…but jury’s still out on them:

  • They didn’t feel as “cushy” as the Asics did. Looking back, this was what I didnt like about the Wave Riders…but the Nirvanas did feel better than the Riders though.
  • Felt a little heavier than the Asics did…damn, what a difference 1 ounce makes.
  • They felt pretty stable-like my feet were tracking the way they should, had plenty of arch support
  • But I still didn’t have a good run last night…felt very slow and sluggish, had lots of problems trying to keep up with the group. Should I just attribute that more to me being completely out of shape rather than the shoes?

So I’m a little torn-do I give these shoes one more chance or take them back? Those who saw my comment here know I have gone through soooo many different shoes and still have not found my perfect match (hmmm, sorta like dating)…how many more are left for me to go through?

But damn, I still think about my first coupla runs in the Mizuno Wave Precisions…now back then I felt those shoes were made for me. First run in them, even Harlem Hill felt tolerable. Second run was a speed workout-3 x mile-managed strong negative splits and it was the fastest I had ever done that workout. I felt the Precisions and I belonged together, sadly, something that I thought was so right was in reality, so wrong. (hmmm, sorta like dating.)

tomorrow’s topic…how running shoes relate to dating 🙂

now playing: “get right” ~ jennifer lopez


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