if the shoe fits…

mizuno wave nirvanasi’ve said this before and i will say it again. running shoe shopping is probably the toughest type of shopping you can do. even tougher for me than swimsuit shopping, and i hate that too. i mean, i can avoid situations where i’d need a swimsuit, but i can’t ever avoid needing a pair of running shoes. not just any pair of running shoes…*the* pair of running shoes. the kind that when you put them on, you say “ahhhhh” (as one of my teammates says)…your perfect match.

as mentioned in my comment from yesterday’s post, i picked up a new pair of trainers yesterday. i was wondering if my problems were possibly shoe-related, and also with the rumors of the Asics 2110s not being as stable, wouldn’t hurt to see if there are any other possiblities. so yesterday, i went to JackRabbit Sports‘ new Manhattan location by Union Square, wanting to take advantage of their gait analysis on the treadmill. As it looked like the 2100s that I had on were stable enough, we first tried out the 2110’s…even though it looked those would have done the trick, they felt good, but not great. So I then tried the Mizuno Wave Nirvanas (will update link whenever Mizuno’s website comes back up) which i actually liked better…apparently those have a higher heel which means my calf doesnt have to work as hard (which may help with the problem i had yesterday.) I like Mizunos, I actually used to wearmile 4 of the snowflake 4-miler the Wave Precision 5’s back in the fall of 2004 and loved them-they helped me get 5 PR’s. (of course hindsight says 1. shouldn’t have used those for trainers and 2. they were actually the wrong shoe for me!) So I’ll try the Nirvanas out once or twice and see how they go…

When that will be, I don’t know. I didn’t run today as my calves are still sore from yesterday and will probably take tomorrow off too. I don’t want to do speedwork on Tuesday so that means I will probably have to take that day off as well.

Here’s a picture of me from yesterday’s race that one of my teammates took near Engineer’s Gate…even though I’m not smiling here, I’m sorta liking the hair action there.

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5 thoughts on “if the shoe fits…

  1. Sweet! New shoes are always fun. I’ve been jonesing to get back into a pair of Mizunos, but they don’t really make anything that appeals to me. I’ll be interested to hear how the Nirvanas work out for you.And isn’t the Manhattan JackRabbit store great? I walked out of there with two pairs of shoes, and might go back to have them do a bike fitting for me. Best, store, ever.

  2. Now that post just rings a bell. I’ve been trying to find the perfect pair of shoes for ages, and no luck so far. The last 5 pairs I bought were all different, from 3 different brands, and I’m still on the look-out.

  3. jbl-i’ll be sure to post a “first run” report whenever I do try them out. I was wondering why I ever strayed away from the Mizunos, but then I remembered 1. wasn’t too crazy about the Wave Riders and 2. Super Runners Shop doesnt carry Mizunos. But that new Jackrabbit store is great. I was glad to not have to trek to Brooklyn :)Thomas-I know what you mean, even when I thought the Asics 2100s were perfect, a part of me was just never satisfied…the Nirvanas will be the 9th type of shoe I have tried in the last 2 years…here is my shoe history:Nike Shox Turbo (yeah beginner)Adidas Supernova Cushion (good, not great)Mizuno Wave Precision 5 (loved these, went through 2 pairs of them)Mizuno Wave Rider 7(?)-meh. gave up on them after a month and a half.Asics Kayano X-went back after 1 runSaucony Hurricane 7-went back after 1 run (gotta love stores with good return policies)Asics Nimbus 6-liked these til I got injured. Even wearing orthotics in them weren’t cutting it.Asics Nimbus 7-same as the 6’s.Asics GT-2100-went through 2 pairs of those (though I retired one pair early so I could use it as a walking/everyday pair.)Mizuno Wave Nirvana 2-we’ll see!!

  4. Great photo! Not a fan of “smiley” race photos myself. Imho racing should be too hard to smile through. So you look cool. 🙂

  5. thats definitely true!! thats why i said that my brightroom pics from the recent manhattan half were probably the best ones they’ve ever gotten of me-probably because I wasn’t “racing” that one!!and thanks! 🙂

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