yeah. don’t know how else to describe this disaster of a race.

as i said yesterday, i wasn’t expecting a PR, but I figured beating my 31:56 at the Race to Deliver was realistic. After all, back then I was only running 15 mpw at the most, my longest run at the time was 6 miles, and no speedwork. Now, i’m up to 25 mpw, my long run is up to 10, and i’ve been doing speedwork for the last few weeks. One would think this would mean a better time today, right? Sadly, was not meant to be.

I attempted to take pictures of the guys’ race but was having issues with my teammate’s camera that I borrowed-it was eating up batteries like crazy. Plus was just too damn cold standing around-my warm-up jog earlier had pretty much gotten canceled out. At around 9:10 I saw a teammate that was supposed to take over picture-taking duties from me and practically shoved the camera in his face, that’s how much I desperately needed to warm up. But I was only really able to get in 10 minutes before I had to line up. Had barely enough time to drop off my baggage and go to the start-decided to be realistic and line up by the 8. The starting gun sounded, way too soon.

I began to regret lining up “honestly” as the first mile was pretty crowded. (as most who run NYRR races know, no one lines up in the right place.) First mile through the West Side Hills was 8:08-not too bad, that’s always a tough mile for me. Figure next mile was a downhill and I can pick it up…but for whatever reason, it felt tougher. And my calves and shins were beginning to hurt, big time. That split was 8:29 and I knew I was in trouble. Big trouble. Mile 3 had Cat Hill and I can usually pick a few people off there, but today that didn’t happen as I failed miserably in that mile-8:49. I was hurting big time, everyone and their mother was passing me but I tried to run the last mile hard…that was 8:05 (but I’ve been thinking that mile on this course is a little short.) So all in all, 33:31, 8:22 pace. Over a minute and a half off my goal.

I know what you’re all gonna say, but I think this race was a total disappointment-especially since I don’t know how and where the hell it all went wrong. Was it a mistake to have done the pictures before the race-as I didn’t really have enough time to stretch and warm up as I would have liked? Was it just plain too cold? Should I have not done a spin class after work yesterday? Or something else? It’s just so frustrating in so many ways. What’s the point of training when you’re not improving-and just getting slower? Once again, I’m feeling pretty damn lost.

On another note-thank you Derek-and any other Flyer guys, if any of you are reading this…for sticking around and cheering during the women’s race. You don’t know how badly I needed to see you guys…thanks again for your cheers and support.

7 thoughts on “choked!!

  1. Hey, sorry you had a sucky race. It happens, though. If I remember correctly, this is your first race back after a long time out of racing? If that’s the case, it’s bound to be a little subpar. I find that it takes me a few races to get back into race-shape. Remember, to race well, your body and mind have to be prepared. Even a month off from racing leaves me pretty flat. I think you can be fit, but not race ready. You just have to set your expectations appropriately at the beginning of a racing season.Also, I don’t know how you’ve decided to structure your training, but could it be that maybe you’re tired from all the speedwork? If you don’t mind some advice, let yourself be miffed for a day, and then go back and reflect on what the race tells you about your fitness. What do you need to work on, and how should you go about working on it? Also, if you’re not going to go about a Lydiard style peaking schedule, check out this Running Times article on training for extended periods of racing: back from my plantar fasciitis, I did a very condensed version of that plan and had what I would consider some nice success. I’m trying it again for my Spring season but with the full monty base training/transition/plateau.Good luck!

  2. Did it seem like there were a ton more central park guys who stuck around than flyer guys? Sorta lame.I never bother to stretch or warm-up, and the cold doesn’t bother me. But yeah, every race can’t be a good one. What jbl said. I always take it easy with exercise (if not the drinking) the day before a race, so it could be (maybe) that the spinning did you in.

  3. “Was it a mistake to have done the pictures before the race?”Yes. Too distracting.”Was it just plain too cold?”Yes! It sucked out there.”Should I have not done a spin class after work yesterday?”No! Doing a spin class is like doing a speed workout, and to do it the day before a race is not going to do you good.”Or something else?”I think you pretty much listed everything. :)Here’s to us both having a better race next time.

  4. I agree with a lot of the responses here. I find that taking it easy the day before (even for a 4 mile race) can make all the difference in the world! Especially when the spin class was just about 12 hours before the race..Shake it off…February is still so way early in the year. If it was JUne, then yes worry…but Feb..nah. Just keep working on getting your confidence back…that can be the key to running well.

  5. jbl-as far as if this was my first race back…yes and no. i’d say my first “race effort” race was the Race to Deliver. And I tried racing the Joe K 10K, but sorta held back a little. But both those races-plus the Poland Spring 5-miler, were better, performance-wise, than the Snowflake. Which makes me wonder-maybe I did better with less mileage and more cross-training? Which brings me to your next point-yes it is possible that speedwork may have been too much, maybe I need to cut back and do it every other week instead of every week. (plus as you know, when you do it with a group, it’s not really individualized.) I’ve been pretty much running 4-5 days a week since the beginning of the year…1 day speedwork, 1 long run, the remaining 2-3 days easy/recovery runs. (gearing up for Queens, as you know.) Possibly, the easy runs is where i’m getting into trouble too, as I still think the group runs are a little fast for me, especially if i’m trying to recover from a speed workout. I just got a new pair of trainers (different brand) yesterday…hopefully those will do some good.Derek-I did see the Flyer guys pretty much scattered around the course (some adding on miles after the race, others taking pictures at various points on the course.) but yeah, not as many as i’ve seen cheering during the Club Champs and the Mini 10K. blame it on the weather maybe? I’m not surprised that CPTC had a huge showing-I think this and the Club Champs are where they clean up each year (whereas our strengths are the longer distances.) It was strange seeing them in their new singlets though-always used to seeing a lot of orange :)10k pat-i took pictures of the guys race last year and still had a decent race (even ran negative splits!)…don’t know if i was overly distracted, but I just remember yesterday looking at my watch nervously and wondering where my teammate was to relieve me. Everyone’s different in terms of weather and I do feel i’m negatively affected when it dips into the 30s and lower…even last year’s race, I remember still trying to “warm up” in the 1st mile. Maybe I should just chalk this one up as “taking one for the team.” Sorry you didnt have a good race either-hope next time is a better one.Uptown Girl-yeah, I usually take rest days before races…but this week i didn’t get a chance to work out on Thursday, so I felt like i had to do *something* on Friday…bad move, i guess. (great class BTW-6 pm at the 49th/Broadway NYSC, just not great the day before a race!) and yeah…i know with winter i should be just concentrating on base-building, but i was using this race as a fitness test of sorts, to kinda reassure me that i was on the right track, so it shocked me a little to have really fallen apart. but maybe it means i need to revise things a little.

  6. Sorry to hear your race didn’t go as planned. I’m sure your next one will go much better. My first race back after taking some time off blew, but I bounced back and finished top three in my age group the next race.

  7. After your extended leave of absence, I guess you really need to just keep focusing on that base building for now and not rush things at this point, but I know all too well how hard it is to keep at it when you’re not seeing at least a little payoff from the work you’re doing. Just call it a tempo run and figure it counts as a workout in the bank.I was out there taking photos too and was going to e-mail you the pics of fly-boys that I got, but unfortunately they all came out blurry.And what was with those new CPTC uniforms? I saw in the results that they’re now officially the NIKE Central Park Track Club, so do they get uniforms for free now? Lucky ducks. Though I don’t think I’d really like having to put some corporation’s name before my team name either.

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