watermelon martinis are my new poison

I don’t think they’ve quite replaced apple martinis yet, but I had 3 pretty damn good watermelon martinis last nite. The Flyers had a nice lil happy hour, or “Thirsty Thursday” at Mercury Bar…and hey, if anyone needed to drink this week, it was me 🙂

This morning I felt like crap though. Thank gawd the office was quiet today. And I’m still downing water like crazy too. This all better pass before tomorrow morning. (though I have run some of my best races 2 days after drinking heavily…)

yep, tomorrow is the Snowflake 4-miler, the first club points race of the year. the guys race first, then the gals. i kinda like that setup, it makes the start a little less congested. plus i like taking pictures of the guys’ race and cheering for them…and usually they’ll return the favor for the ladies 🙂 i am gonna try and attempt racing this one. i know i am not gonna get anywhere near my 4-mile PR (30:01) but I’d like to try and beat the 31:56 I did at the Race To Deliver last November. we’ll see what happens…weather doesn’t look too favorable for tomorrow though. just because the race has “snowflake” in the name…doesn’t mean there actually have to be snowflakes during the race 🙂


One thought on “watermelon martinis are my new poison

  1. Have a great race! I wish I was going to be closer to the park so I could cheer everyone on, so just pretend you have an extra voice yelling for you.

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