curiosity kills the cat

so i’m surfing the web…and i browse my college’s alumni website…where people post updates about how they are, where they are…

so i see the one update i didn’t want to see. yep. the ex.

and he’s married now. and everything is just going sooo perfect for him.

why? why? why did it have to be him that…everything he touches turns to gold?

meantime, i’m in a job i dont even know if i have a future in, and having absolutely no luck in the dating department? not fair. it’s just not fair.

i don’t still have feelings for the guy…actually it’s the contrary. i feel like i wasted 2 1/2 years of my life now.

i won’t lie. this hurts. big time.


5 thoughts on “curiosity kills the cat

  1. Be glad you made the right choice in that relationship. Divorce is expensive, traumatic, very, very stressful, and expensive. I sank four years into my relationship and subsequent marriage; many people end up divorced after investing much more time than that. However long, there’s no getting that time back. Might as well look forward instead.

  2. Well if *I* were to post on my college’s alumni website, I would post only the good things and then I would make them sound even better. So if I were you I wouldn’t trust 100% anything you read on that website, especially if it sounds almost too good to be true (i.e., “everything is just going sooo perfect for him”).*You* have a great life, *you* are surrounded by great friends and teammates, and *you* are a very fit athlete. Most people would be jealous of *you*!

  3. I used to write the Class Notes column for my alumni magazine. Writing about everyone’s weddings, advanced degrees and how amazing their lives were was quite grating.But anonymous is right. People only talk about the good shit in that kind of venue. And often, the good shit is exaggerated to make themselves feel better about things.

  4. sister smile-i hear what your saying. i remember around the time the ex and i called it quits, a good friend of mine was going throuh a very messy divorce and man, it hurt me to see him so stressed and upset. (it may have had something to do with my decision…not entirely sure)anon and Phil-i hear ya too. the last communication i had ever gotten from the ex was 5 valendoomsdays ago when again, all he was talking about was how great everything was going for him, and yet another time when i felt nothing was going right…i swear, the timing could not have been worse to hear that. (seriously, who emails an ex on valendoomsday?) but a coupla friends said the same thing you did…at least things are actually better for me now than they were back then (maybe not work-wise, but thats a topic for another day…) i guess i just always hoped it would have been me who got hitched first…but thanks for letting me shed a few tears over something that was a shock to hear. (and thank god i had no alcohol in my apartment. i’d have been one hung over chick this morning.) who knows, maybe i can use this to my advantage saturday morning…

  5. It’s never perfect, never as wonderful as they make out. EVER. You’re probably happier than he is, all told.

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