tempo running

nike tempo track shortsok, nike gets their share of abuse, but i have to admit, i’m addicted to their tempo track shorts…i’ve picked up quite a few pairs already and it’s not even close to being warm out (though some days can pass for shorts weather!)

on the topic of running apparel and the like, has anyone seen the new Asics Gel-Kinsei shoes? can someone please explain to me why they are worth $165? i don’t get it.

got in a 6-mile loop (plus 1.5 to/from the park) with the flyers tonite that was thankfully not a tempo run!! 🙂 was also thankfully warmer than this past saturday, where my “long” run got aborted after 8 miles (was thinking of 9.5-10) due to the fact that i could not feel some body parts by then due to the bitter cold-even when being completely covered up (for a change!) but tonite was fun. had some interesting convos about things including job rants and “goatf*ckers.” i guess you had to be there 🙂

back to reality…i mean work tomorrow…

now playing: “unwritten” ~ natasha bedingfield

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