the dating gods must be angry

seriously, did i do something in a past life to deserve bad date after bad date without an end in sight?

so, the guy i mentioned in this post did call, and we made plans for Friday. as i have been disappointed by men more times than i care to count, i really didn’t have the highest hopes for this one. saves being disappointed again, right? anyway…the recrap:

ok, so we were supposed to meet at a restaurant on the west side at 7…so i get there a coupla minutes before 7 because i am always unfashionably early. and i only live a coupla blocks away! he doesnt get there til after 7:10, citing work as an excuse. i let that slide.

so, we have drinks and dinner…he knocked back 2 mojitos way faster than i did. hmmmm, not sure what to make of that. but conversation was decent, dinner was good, and he suggested a “nightcap.” i suggested going to another bar/lounge near my place that has nice couches and stuff to sit and talk (i’ve been there before with a group and thought it’d be a good date place!) so we do.

so he mentions how during dinner he wanted to kiss me and “can i kiss you now?” i said sure. and he does…not bad, but a little hard, i thought. so we’re talking a little more and sitting pretty close to each other and we kiss some more…ok, now definitely a little too hard. i felt my lip was being bitten or sucked on or something (my bottom lip is actually still a little black and blue even now!) even when i asked for him to be a little more gentle…meh. what can i say, thats what i like. (and mind you, i have never gotten any complaints before in that department.) then:

him: “want to see if there’s a movie on HBO or something?”
me: (innocently) “what do you mean?”
him: “we can hang out at my place and cuddle and watch a movie or something”
me: “i dont think so”
him: “or we can hang out on my balcony”
me: “again, i dont think so.”

(maybe i said it a little nicer than that…but please. i think i’ve learned from enough mistakes to know if a guy wants you to go back to his place on the first date, hes just after one thing. and that movie doesnt get watched.)

so eventually we call it a night and he walks me to my place. we said something about possibly getting together next weekend. we’ll see if that happens. and if so, what he suggests-if it’s actually going out or just going to his place to “watch a movie.” my friends don’t think i should give him a second chance. nice and cute, but a little immature, i thought.

and if that’s not enough, i logged into yesterday and find the following message from a guy (again, taken verbatim):

“Can I run and chaser you around the city sexy jewish principesa… ?”

ew. and i get a “wink” from someone…i dont want to put the exact username here, but let’s just say the username just screams “player.”

i swear, i cannot catch a break, right?


3 thoughts on “the dating gods must be angry

  1. i think the m/f ratio in the city sorta spoils guys. And Jewish guys are the most spoiled of all.but chin up, flygirl. You make it sound like you have it worse than everyone else! Bad dates are just part of the game … and this one didn’t really sound that bad. You just have to roll with the punches…And bring back that sideways shot of you!

  2. to quote a line from sex and the city “all guys have to do is sit back, chug a beer and wait for all the jessicas and susans to come to them.”no, i agree, this one wasn’t *that” bad, i was laughing about it afterwards, it’s just jeez…is it too much to ask for the dating gods to throw us a bone once in awhile?i’ll think about the pic šŸ™‚

  3. Sex and the city has it all wrong if “all guys have to do is sit back…” I don’t think I’ve ever been hit on, asked out, or propositioned by any sober girl… ever. If anything, it’s the other way around.

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