talk talk talk talk talk

ok, now i’m convinced i did the right thing suspending my premium JDate membership for awhile.

the latest was one that contacted me via a “click” so i called him last nite. we spoke for 30 minutes. actually wait, let me clarify that. he spoke for about 28 minutes. i spoke for about 2 minutes. you get the idea. don’t think i will be meeting this one in person.

is it too much to ask to meet/date a guy who can actually listen and let the girl get more than a word in edgewise? this wouldn’t be the first time…so it’s sorta getting old.

happy long weekend everyone! (i need this one big time…)

now playing: “little red corvette” ~ prince


2 thoughts on “talk talk talk talk talk

  1. OMG! Did you say “talk” or Stalk”? You know who I’m thinking of….

  2. if that were the actual case, i’d be even more scared and a restraining order would be well…in order :)(and yep, i know who you’re referring to)

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