gotta get through this

yay. another year, another valendoomsday almost over.

ok, it may not have been as bad as it could have been…but i still hate this so-called excuse for a “holiday” and what it stands for. (i won’t even get into the crappy ones i have had as a single in 2001-2005.) for singles, it’s a day to make them feel like crap that they have no one. for those in a relationship, it’s nothing but pressure to get flowers/candy/presents/dinner/the whole nine yards. even when i did have a boyfriend on valendoomsday, it still wasn’t smooth sailing.

so yeah. unfortunately work has consumed my life (actually pretty much one project that is one of those that has been cursed from the start) so much as of late that i think that was possibly worse than valendoomsday today. though I did wear black today and so did EB-we both said we were making a statement. haha. and i was quite annoyed that i just missed the crosstown bus at lunch because a couple of peeps carrying 2 huge gaudy things that passed for mega-rose bouquets just had to push in front of me and block me. yeah yeah i get the idea. (though in a bit of a humor break-i did ask MS if he got his wife nicer flowers than he got me for my b-day…lol)

so i decided to mourn this day with a combination of speedwork and wine. today was a 4-mile tempo run. engineer’s gate to the west end of the 102nd street transverse was mile 1…then to west 83rd was mile 2…then turnaround and run back to engineer’s gate. i think a lot of people were surprised about how much of a climb mile 2 was (little known fact-west 84th street is actually the highest point of elevation in central park.) no wonder i always seem to bomb that mile in races. anyway, the tempo run was done at an 8:20 pace…so i’m not too sure if that’s good or not. assistant coach (same one i spoke to about a plan for queens…and who’s opinion i definintely respect) says i pretty much need to toss my old times out the window. and he thinks that my “easy” runs should be at a 9-9:30 pace. i do think he’s right. unfortunately, i think i’m still expected by others to run like i used to and do my “easy” runs at a sub-9 pace. tough to push back when you’re running in a group and having to follow the pace others set or risk getting left behind. can’t wait til there’s more daylight and i can do more runs solo…as much as i like being social, it may be the best thing… (i reserve the sub-9 days for when i’m actually feeling good…)

so now, just finishing off a bottle of Yellow Tail pinot grigio (very good, i like as much as the chardonnay, if not more) and watching repeats of Survivor All-Stars on OLN (ugh, why am i putting myself through the torture of seeing that media whore Rupert again?)

and as a very wise teammate says, chocolate and other asssorted candy will be half-price tomorrow. just please remind me not to take part in any of that đŸ™‚ (i have a dress i need to fit into in a coupla weeks for NYRR’s Club Night…)

now playing: “gotta get through this” ~ daniel bedingfield


4 thoughts on “gotta get through this

  1. Alllllright. You done good. Having lived through both sides of the issue, I also sneer at 2/14 a bit, and I find it unfortunate that Hallmark (& friends) continue to make their fortunes at the expense of some people’s tender emotions. Even if you do have an “SO”, going out to dinner on 2/14 is a total bust. It’s crowded, you’re rushed to turn over the table, and often times fabulous restaurants resort to some drivelly cafeteria-style ‘set menu” which inevitably sucks. Well! You made it. Happy half price shopping.:-)

  2. no, i definitely agree (re: going out on that day.) either majorly long waits are having to make reservations waaayyyy in advance. and it’s as overpriced and overhyped as NYE. oh well. glad it’s over.

  3. I have to admit, the valentine’s day teddy bears seem to be a little cuter than your average bear. Odd.

  4. are red and pink your colors? i knew it :-Dand now v-day candy has been replaced at the stores with easter candy. bunnies and chicks and all those good things. must…stay…away…from the mini eggs…sooo addictive…

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