snow days then and now

Was it really one weekend ago that it was 60+ degrees on Friday nite and I was wearing shorts for a 4-miler on Sunday? Boy can Mother Nature be cruel, dumping the Blizzard of ’06 on us one week later. And a near-record-setting one at that too. yay.

It’s amazing, my reactions to snow days now compared to 10+ years ago:

Then: “ooh, snow!! i hope school is canceled!!”
(exception to that being the winter of ’94-when we had so many snow days that we were in danger of falling below the minimum number of school days. as a result, our february break got taken away and my high school graduation was pushed back a week.)

Now: “oh man, this is such a pain in the a$$. i’m sure the subways are gonna be all screwed up tomorrow. the office better be open tomorrow, i have a job that has to go live Monday nite and a bunch of other stuff due this week, and my clients are on the west coast so they don’t care about the weather woes the Northeast is having.”

i think snow days lost their novelty once i entered the working world.

anyway, at least it waited long enough so i could get a run in yesterday…10.3 miles…albeit slow. ugh. i don’t know how i ever ran 1:43 and 1:47 half-marathons. hell, i don’t know how i ran any half-marathon under 2 hours…

my original plan for last nite was to just watch the Olympics-I’m all about the figure skating!! (bummer to hear that Michelle Kwan had to withdraw…but she did the right thing…competing with an injury would have been bad news. sound familiar, anyone?) But a coupla friends dragged me invited me out to a Jewish 20/30-somethings “evening of music and story, munching and wine-sipping.” OK, you had me at wine. And was in my neighborhood, so I couldn’t cite the snow as an excuse. was very interesting, to say the least-especially for someone whose service attendance is only limited to high holy days. a little more tolerable when its in a more casual setting, i’m among people my age, and the music is provided by guitar and not by an organ. don’t think i’ll be convinced to attend friday services with my friends (I’m usually dead tired by the end of the week, especially lately-was at the office til 6:30 on Friday!) but was a nice change of pace. afterwards, was dessert, wine, and mingling. exchanged numbers with one nice, cute, athletic guy…hopefully he’ll call and if he does, won’t disappoint like so many others have lately…at this point, i’m just not getting my hopes up anymore…

today, pretty much snowed in. took the time to do some work, catch up on some emails and other stuff, watch a bunch of cutesy made-for-TV movies on ABC Family. and as usual, not looking forward to the workweek starting again…

now playing: “8th world wonder (remix)” ~ kimberley locke


6 thoughts on “snow days then and now

  1. I think you meant to type, Winter of 94. Unless you really did graduate high school two years ago. 🙂

  2. ummm…yeah. you’re right. the first thing you said, that is! 🙂

  3. It’s funny…it must really be a crappy scenario to be an NYC kid. They get the biggest snowfall ever….and don’t even miss a day of school!

  4. As a mom to 2 NYC kids, I can attest to that! You forgot the part about having to trapise to school in the slush,no place to store boots, and having indoor recess with no gym. Fly girl, your audience is eagerly awaiting today’s post!!! heh heh

  5. today’s post will need to wait til later…must get work done so i can escape in time for speedwork!!brooklyn…thanks for the link…those were hilarious. 🙂

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