yeah, this is a cutback week for me. sadly, not by choice. work has been kicking my a$$ so much this week, that it looks like last nite was the only nite i was able to escape in time to make it out for a group run. and lately, AM runs have been out of the question, it’s been a chore just to get out of bed by 7:30 am at the latest. is it me, or am i the only person in NYC that can’t seem to survive on only 5-6 hours sleep per night? i’m sorry, but it’s just not feasible for me to be in bed by 9-10 pm each night…how am i supposed to get everything that i need to get done, done? or maybe i really am getting old.

so between my workload and the predicted snow this weekend, looks like my total for the week will be 5.5 miles (yesterday’s run.) blah.

sorry if i’m venting, but to quote what i’ve said elsewhere, if every single blog was filled with nothing but happy cute fluffy bunny posts, it’d be pretty boring, right? (and anyone that deliriously happy all the time is either lying, or on something.) But if happy cute fluffy bunny posts are what you want to see, check out (thanks to jbl for the link!)

well, at least there was one highlight this week…which was tuesday nite’s “Chinese New Year” dinner that the Flyers have every year at Lili’s. (got out of work too late to do speedwork, but an 8pm dinner was feasible…) Food was good (as usual,) company was good (as usual,) the amusing part was that a bunch of us were trying to re-create our table from last year-right down to the exact seats we sat in 🙂 and our host was very generous with giving out shots of sake. it’s like he knew i needed ’em or something.

2 other things i managed to get done this week-i changed my profile pic (how’s this one compared to the old one-yay or nay?) and canceled my premium JDate membership. was getting nowhere with that one. maybe i’ll try next. certainly a little cheaper than JDate…

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8 thoughts on “cutback

  1. Bummer about the work abuse. Not being able to run just makes work stress worse. Lili’s was fun, though. I always look forward to that one as well.

  2. Damn, and I was just about to give Jdate a try. Not worth it?I like your new pic. It shows off your…um… smile! And your abiliity to wear shorts in any kind of weather, which I still find curious.Don’t sweat the cutback, we all need a break now and then.

  3. Thumbs up on the profile pic!

  4. If you really know a substance that makes you deliriously happy, I might give it a try – expecially after the week I’ve just had.

  5. I loathe work abuse weeks (even though it’s part of the territory)>_< As for the running, looks like you can get a run in tomorrow morning/late morning before the snow? (I question because sometimes weathermen are wrong…hahaha!)As for your dinner Tuesday, looks like you were right in my neighborhood!

  6. thanks all. it’s pretty much just one project that’s causing it…isn’t that always the case? at least it’s now and not when it was 50 degrees :)brooklyn-the one thing i’ve always said about jdate-or any kind of online dating…is that it’s a total crapshoot. so you never know. at least, it could make good blog material 😀 also, 40 degrees is usually the cutoff point for shorts for me. (maybe 45 if its cloudy/windy/dark)uptown girl-yeah, i saw that the snow isnt supposed to arrive til the afternoon…now its just a matter of whether i value sleep over running 🙂 and i’m actually in your neighborhood quite a bit!! the east siders usually outnumber the west siders. i live near a crosstown bus, so i dont complain too much 🙂

  7. Great pictures!!!!! Keep up the good work!! YOU ROCK

  8. why thank you mr./mz. anonymous 🙂

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