game on

this has been one of those weekends where i wish it were a 3-day weekend…like i need another day just to recover.

friday nite was such a beautiful nite out, that i made the impulse decision to get my “long run” in after work…mission accomplished. 9 miles. but almost found myself locked out!! i brought the correct apartment key but the wrong front door key-lucky one of my neighbors was around πŸ™‚me trying to wave to a teammate during mile 3 of the gridiron classic 4-miler

saturday i did my “good deed for the month” and helped out at a volunteer event that the Flyers do quarterly with the Central Park Conservancy-we usually do a volunteer event with them in the park once every “quarter” of the year. this one was mulching and raking leaves, so we all got a little dirty πŸ™‚ but had fun. and thank god the rain held off til the end. then last nite we celebrated a teammate’s birthday over at Fusion, a pretty cool bar/lounge over in Hell’s Kitchen. Had fun hanging out and chatting-and knocking back 3 very good mojitos while doing so πŸ™‚ didn’t get home til 2, didn’t fall asleep til 3, couldn’t sleep in cuz…

this morning was the Gridiron Classic 4-miler…I wasn’t planning on racing the thing, I just wanted an excuse to get in 4 miles today and listen to some good music. Besides, I don’t think mojito-loading and 4 1/2 hours sleep make a good race πŸ™‚ nice day, yet another shorts day…i’m sorta liking this global warming thing this winter (though I will not be saying the same this summer, for sure!) i wound up running it in 34:20, an 8:35 pace…miles 1-3 were 8:44 each (i kid you not), topped off with an 8:08 final mile. then right afterwards, headed to our ex-president’s place for the “transition” exec board meeting. and i was hoping to get in a nap before meeting friends to watch the Super Bowl, but somehow I don’t see that happening.

as for the Super Bowl, I’m sorta indifferent as to who wins, as long as my numbers come up πŸ™‚

now playing: “love at first sight” ~ kylie minogue


4 thoughts on “game on

  1. So did your numbers turn up;)Nice job on being consistent during the race…I know a little bit about pacing…so the exact same mile splits is music to my ears:-pAnd didn’t you enjoy the weather Friday evening? I did a 5 mile loop in shorts and a tee shirt! Crazy.

  2. nice job, great photo, way to run negative splits!

  3. nope…not even close (i had crappy numbers-Steelers 4/Seahawks 8)thanks for the “race” props, both of you πŸ™‚ pacing has never been my forte, so i was quite amused to see that. the flyers are actually gonna be pace leading during the more marathon, but i won’t do it-i’m too inconsistent when it comes to pacing, especially in a race atmosphere.and friday was great. the park was packed-i guess a lot of people had the same idea!

  4. Love that new photo

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