pretty as a picture

me waving to the camera
just me against the musici think these may have been the best pics ever that brightroom nabbed of me…from i think mile 1 of the manhattan half. guess not “racing” makes for better photo ops.

and yes, i am being lame and waving to the camera…force of habit…since i always wave to the Flyer photographers…


2 thoughts on “pretty as a picture

  1. Haha! You look great! Way to go on this weekend’s four-miler; sounds like a good run.You’ve been griping about being single on V-day. I found this event and thought you might be interested. manager is a friend of mine and the production company previously produced a show called Marathon…about a new marathon runner, of course. So I may be going to this V-Day performance to support them, even though the current show has nothing to do with running. If you want to go let me know and maybe I can score you a comp.

  2. thankies :)i actually might do speedwork on v-day (as it falls on a tuesday nite)…nothing like that to motivate myself to go all out, right?thanks for the heads up/offer though!!

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