ok, a coupla weeks ago i bit the bullet again and decided to pay for JDate for another month…figured it wouldn’t hurt to give it one more try. meh. no luck this time around. i am sorta amused by getting contacted by the same guy three times, with the exact same email:

I thought your profile was quite intriguing, and the powers at Jdate tell me you are one of my “special matches”. To date, their “special matches” have been, less than spectacular. I am starting to think that my mother is actually making these picks in secret. Since you are far superior to my other “matches” and and seem particularly worth finding out about, drop me a line. Incidentally, I note, with respect to my B-day which was a couple of months ago, I have not yet received a gift, a call, not so much as a card from you. What happened? Curious. lol

um…yeah. gotta love the “form letters.” or not.


7 thoughts on “jdate-less

  1. that one word says so much 🙂

  2. Form emails are what gives us good guys a bad name. I never send a form email since that just means I’d be like every other schlub out there. At least I take the time to read the profile and whatnot. Still doesn’t help my case though, as per my most recent entries…

  3. i’ve always found any email from a dude to contain “lol” to be a sign to run really fast. who in the dating world says lol? what are they, 14?

  4. wow, i just stopped by for the running… but i’ll definitely be coming back for the jdate anecdotes.

  5. and just when i canceled the premium membership!i’m sure i’ll find another way to keep everyone entertained though 😀

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