blue monday

i’m like Garfield the cat in the way that I just don’t like Mondays. this was a great weekend, and Mondays and going back to work are such letdowns sometimes. frustrating day at the office today that also led to a frustrating run too. my legs just werent there, i kept having to drop back and struggled to just hang on the the slowest group, and even then had to cut the 6-mile loop down to 5. meh.

i need cheering up. i’ll look at those awards gala photos again. (i added a few more that i was in)

oh and for laughs, i might as well mention that there was almost a wardrobe malfunction on my part. the straps on my dress were adjustable, and after dancing for a little bit, noticed one of them was loosening up…good thing i fixed that, otherwise after a lot more dancing there might have been a little flash :-p


3 thoughts on “blue monday

  1. FlyGirl,I thought I had the worst Mondays in town! John told me that i should refer to them as “pre-Tuesdays” in the future. Does that help?

  2. i was more referring to the New Order song with the post title :)or I could have gotten all Office Space-esque and mentioned “having a case of the Mondays…”

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