if there is anything I can say about the Flyers, it’s that they know how to put on a great party. not surprisingly, i had a great time last nite. the planning committee did a great job making this gala even better than the last. nice midtown location, open bar, good food, better turnout than last year.

the party officially started at 7-i got there around 7:15-7:20, thinking i’d be “early”-nope, my teammates waste no time ๐Ÿ™‚ a lot of peeps were already there so for the next coupla hours, just sipped on some apple martinis and mingled.

then came the awards ceremony-kicked off with a slideshow of “the year in pictures.” this part is always fun-great way to cheer for those you see in the pictures, reminisce about the year past, or see what pictures of you wind up in there (i’m not at all surprised this pic wound up in there!!) then, the actual awards were given out. as i was on the awards committee and helped in the decision-making process, the recipients weren’t a surprise to me at all, but fun to see everyone’s reaction. then the ’05 exec board officially passed the torch to the ’06 exec board-our reign had begun. derek and i at the awards gala

my favorite part of the evening came next and lasted til the end of the evening-the dancing ๐Ÿ™‚ the DJ played everything from oldies to salsa to current dance music to 80s music. boy were my feet tired by the end of the evening-they don’t call these shoes “killer heels” for nothing. but the party didn’t end-a bunch of us went to the bar downstairs for the after-party and kicked back a few more…finally got home a little after 3. slept til about 1:30 today-thankfully not hung over (didnt even get overly drunk last nite-i guess i can actually have fun without being wasted-go figure) just tired, especially my feet/legs…its gonna be running shoes or flats for me for the next few days!!

til next year…


3 thoughts on “gala-vanting

  1. looks like fun!(is that “star” thingie by your necklace really in the picture? it’s kind of a cool effect!)

  2. yep-the “star” effect from my necklace is really in there. pretty cool. maybe its like foreshadowing or something… :)or if anyone followed Survivor spoilers during season 3, there was a “star” that seemed to be in a lot of shots of the eventual winner. reminds me of that a little :)ok, getting off topic here ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Sounds like a good time:) Goodluck with the coming year in your new exec role.

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