reversin’ the curse

A lot of NYC runners know that the Manhattan Half-Marathon is notoriously cursed-infamous for being extremely hot and humid, no matter when in August it is. So, when NYRR moved it to January this year, a teammate said “anyone want to bet that Jan. 28 (the day of the race) will turn out to be the hottest day ever in January?” Well it wasn’t hot, but it was pretty unseasonably pleasant, I must say. Shorts weather, even!!

Anyway, I did stick to my previously mentioned plan of just doing the first 8 miles. Didn’t even wear a chip, that sorta kept me honest. I only took splits for the first 8 miles, then didn’t time the last .3 mile to the 102nd street transverse. My plan was to run a steady 9-minute pace, then try and pick it up for the last coupla miles, especially the last being on Harlem Hill (when I do my solo runs, I usually end at west 86th, so the end is hilly and I like to try to run those hills hard…help teach me to “hang in there” when tired.)

Anyway, the mile-by-mile replay:

  1. 8:32 (from west 84th to right below the transverse) oops, a little fast, better pull back.
  2. 9:00 (down and up the Harlem Hills) that’s better. saw one of my teammates who was in town for the race and chatted for a coupla minutes but wound up letting her go.
  3. 8:58 (west side hills) still pretty good
  4. 9:08 (last uphill in west side hills to right past the 72nd street transverse) slowed for water in this mile
  5. 9:05 (past tavern on the green to the east 60s-i think?) still pretty steady
  6. 8:55 (Cat Hill to the starting line) felt surprisingly strong on Cat Hill. picked off a few runners there.
  7. 8:43 (same as mile 1) took advantage of the flat to pick it up a little bit
  8. 8:48 (same as mile 2) just wanted this mile to be faster than mile 2, and it was. ran the hills hard.

so, those 8 miles were 1:11:09, 8:53 pace, right on target. after mile 8, i stopped the watch and ran to the transverse where i then headed to the baggage area to get my camera and get pictures of other Flyers finishing the race. Saw Derek and Chelle while I was taking pictures and chatted for a coupla minutes.

now i need a nap so i can be fresh for tonite…


2 thoughts on “reversin’ the curse

  1. Glad you had fun! Could you hear us cheering for you with those headphones on?

  2. yep-totally saw/heard you gals at 72nd 🙂

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